How To Selectively Showcase Reviews With Specific Keywords


We re trying to figure out how to selectively choose reviews with specific keywords. We do a lot of hotel bedding and want to showcase to customers reviews from customers who bought an item after enjoying at a hotel. For example “Hilton hotels”, I then want to put those reviews on a webpage - it can be dynamic or static’. Thx!


Best answer by Kristie from Yotpo 13 April 2023, 22:01

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Hi @downlitebedding , thanks for your question!


Unfortunately it isn’t possible to manually select AI filters, but a workaround would be to use Custom Questions and manually ask customers if they bought their product(s) after staying at a hotel. 


Please let me know if this is helpful!

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Hi @downlitebedding another idea I had to easy categorize your reviews, is our new Review Tagging! You can easily create a custom tag named “Hilton Hotels” that can be used whenever someone mentions buying your sheets because of their stay at a hotel. This can easily be done during the moderation process. You can then create a custom report based off that tag to use in different marketing campaigns! Pro Tip - You can use more than one tag for extra categorization: Marketing, Hilton Hotel, Positive Review

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Hey, @downlitebedding


Let me know if @lstack & @Kristie from Yotpo suggestions work for you. 😊


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