Creating Seamless Mobile Shopping Experiences in 2022 - Maggie Dunn

  • 18 March 2022
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The largest eCommerce virtual event is BACK on 2-3 March, 2022🎉🎉🎉


DTCX3 will feature more than 50 leaders across the DTC eCommerce industry and focus on actionable tips for 2022 to get you equipped for this challenging year.

Brands have experienced massive growth amid the pandemic, and traditional retail organizations have been paying attention and incorporating D2C components. That has increased industry competition, making it even more essential for companies to stay on top of things or risk losing market share.

So how do you make sure your brand remains relevant this year? What industry changes will impact brands? What are the most critical variables and stats for driving sales in 2022? Top leaders will answer all of that and more.

Giving you all the tools to scale your success in 2022

  • Uncover advanced tips and strategies to help you strengthen the core of your business
  • Discover critical and powerful DTC eCommerce stats and trends that can impact your brand
  • Identify new opportunities for 2022 that will shape D2C eCommerce now and beyond
  • Explore clever ways to use data to drive your strategy, eliminating assumptions and boosting sales
  • See how the most successful brands are focusing product and marketing efforts on customer pain points

:arrow_forward:  Watch the replay here 

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