The State of Customer Loyalty & Retention 2023

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The State of Customer Loyalty & Retention 2023

Global consumers have weighed in, revealing their expectations for brands in exchange for their repeat business.


With all that’s happened these past years, customer loyalty and retention have become more important than ever to our industry. We’ve faced supply chain delays, the crumbling cookie, an eCommerce boom, inflation, price hikes, and global cost of living crises — just to name a few things. Where does this leave customers in these tenuous times?

We asked, and global consumers had quite a bit to say. Resoundingly, their answers and opinions let us know that customer loyalty isn’t dead. It’s just changed shape. Today’s customers draw hard lines when their needs aren’t being met, but wow, do they go above and beyond for the brands they love.

In this survey, we discuss what strategies and experiences customers crave in exchange for their repeat business and loyalty. Their answers might surprise you.


Table of Contents

01 Customer retention in the age of unpredictability

02 Shoppers are feeling the effects of inflation & recession woes

03 Loyalty programs have your back

04 Customers expect brands to know them at their core

05 Brands are talking too much and listening too little

06 The stakes of getting the post-purchase experience right (or wrong)


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