Introduce Yourself! 👋 Share a bit about yourself and meet other Community members.

  • 8 June 2022
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Hey, all! 👋

Welcome to the Yotpo Community! We are excited to have you here and be part of your journey into discovering more about eCommerce and the Yotpo platform. Think of this space as your new hub for support, networking, and getting all the information you need, all in one place. 😎

Take your first steps by exploring the different product categories and sharing a bit about yourself with the community. You can go freestyle or use some of these icebreakers:

  • Where are you from & what your eCommerce business is about?
  • What do you geek out over in eCommerce? 
  • What’s one unique thing about your brand?

💡 You can also take part in our poll: 

What Yotpo product are you currently using? 

2 replies


👋 Hi guys!

I’m from the 🌲 Evergreen State here at Seattle, WA. My business is mostly digital products and services for “solopreneurs” and creatives. I am a 🤓 geek about the design and presentation of my offers where I constantly feel the need to update and change things. One thing I’d say that is unique about my brand is that I tend to overdeliver on my commitments where I always strive for customer satisfaction and personalization! Aak!

Great to be here!

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@millennialbella welcome! 😊

I would love to learn more about your work! Can you share some case studies or more about your favorite projects? 💡💡💡