Yotpo SMSBump: Bringing the Power of Yotpo’s Platform to SMS

SMS is not a trend — it’s table stakes for reaching consumers today. Yotpo SMSBump symbolizes our commitment to offering the most advanced SMS marketing solution for mobile-first commerce. By developing deeper synergies with Yotpo’s other marketing solutions, delivering more cutting-edge features, and offering strategic guidance, we can support any eCommerce brand looking to maximize engagement and revenue with SMS. — Omer Bar Joseph, GM, Yotpo SMSBump It’s been two years since Yotpo first acquired SMSBump, and in that time our products have evolved alongside each other. Now, we are happy to share that our brands are coming together to drive SMS innovation even further as one, unified leader in SMS marketing. From exciting new features to enhanced integrations, here’s why we are so excited about our SMS platform’s future as Yotpo SMSBump. How did we get here?Serving more than 30,000 active brands, SMSBump established themselves as a leader in text marketing early on, with best-in-class features designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus that allowed them to become the most downloaded SMS marketing app. The SMSBump team learned from the very first adopters of SMS to develop a product that was expertly attuned to their needs — and we, in turn, learned from SMSBump to perfect that product, expand its effectiveness, and increase ROI exponentially.But as we’ve grown together, the eCommerce landscape has shifted around us. Mobile commerce is no longer on the rise — it’s leading the way, with consumers favoring mobile shopping and engagement behaviors over others. According to Shopify, 71% of purchases during last year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday came from mobile devices, and nearly 73% of internet users are expected to access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025. Even when consumers decide to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, “smartphone-assisted shopping” is now the norm, as they use their phones to search for product details, discounts, reviews, and loyalty rewards.SMS has become increasingly popular as a result, with 87% of consumers currently receiving texts from brands — but the channel is still a highly personal one. Bulk SMS marketing, in which businesses send out generic texts en masse, is not enough to capture a customer’s attention and win their loyalty. Instead, brands need a more advanced SMS marketing solution, one that doesn’t keep your program siloed but rather ensures it is in perfect sync with every marketing channel you use. With integrated products and a wealth of shared data between them, brands can deliver cohesive, personalized experiences at every step of a customer’s journey, with content that is expertly tailored, timed, and relevant to them. We knew that by further integrating SMSBump into our eCommerce platform we could be that solution, creating even deeper synergies between our products and a more cohesive pathway to mCommerce success.In coming together as Yotpo SMSBump, we are combining the strengths of our products and our teams behind them, enabling brands of all sizes to more effectively engage customers, build sustainable relationships, and drive more revenue from mobile than ever before. What does this mean for your eCommerce brand?As we look to the future of the industry, SMS will be a standard part of any eCommerce tech stack. The channel will need to pair seamlessly with all other marketing channels, and that requires solutions that are not only connected, but work together to create frictionless experiences for brands and end users alike. Yotpo SMSBump brings together the best that Yotpo and SMSBump each have to offer for a more powerful platform approach that can carry brands into the mobile-first world.With SMSBump’s long-standing expertise and thoroughly tested tools, combined with Yotpo’s vast resources and integrated solutions, you will now find it easier than ever to take off with SMS and grow both your program and your business. Australian activewear brand LSKD did just that. The brand turned to Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform to support the needs of their growing business and scale their online community. With Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Loyalty together under one roof, LSKD could leverage shared data to send more meaningful messages to customers, build relationships across channels, and drive more revenue. In just six months with our platform, they were able to grow their SMS subscriber base by 310%, while seeing an impressive 81x ROI on automated messaging flows. Now, they hope to leverage even more Yotpo products like Reviews to ensure continuous growth. 📌 Discover what else can you expect from Yotpo SMSBump at: https://bit.ly/3MFEEnq  

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