You're Invited to the Customer Retention Honors Society!

You're Invited to the Customer Retention Honors Society!
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It’s almost back to school, folks. New binders, fresh pencils, a stack of clean paper 🤓 — can you tell some of us were massive nerds in high school? And with all the hubbub of back-to-school, we wanted to start off your academic year with a bang. 

Introducing the Customer Retention Honors Society!

We want to recognize all you’re doing for your brands, so we’re inviting you to join our Customer Retention Honors Society 

But before induction takes place, we need to walk through the four pillars of customer retention 🏛


  1. Scholarship: All our honor society members are required to have a 4.0 in the foundations of customer retention
  2. Service: It’s time to give your time to others: your customers! Walk through every step of the customer journey to ensure you’re keeping customers coming back again and again
  3. Leadership: Brand leaders are problem solvers and collaborators, meaning your departments need to work together to create a successful retention strategy
  4. Character: Great brands have great role models, and we’re introducing you to five of our faves


D2C brands are well-versed in acquisition but need to look beyond the first-time sale to succeed. Businesses of the next decade are instead measuring their success by customer loyalty: Will shoppers be with your brand in a month? Two months? Next year?


Over the next four articles, we’ll ensure that you’re ready to tackle any retention obstacle thrown your way and get you ready to walk with honors. And, when you complete the course, you’ll earn a new community badge!


So let’s get down to the basics! We know you’ll be an A+ student in no time. See the first article here.


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