17 Boxing Day SMS & Email Templates

17 Boxing Day SMS & Email Templates
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With the holidays quickly approaching, you are most probably absorbed in thinking about your Christmas sales, and for a good reason – this is the most profitable period of the year for eCommerce. But try not to get too preoccupied with the holly-jolly jingles and forget what happens right after: Boxing Day and the end-of-year sales!

Nowadays, Boxing day has become a synonym for post-Christmas laziness, watching sports on TV, cold turkey… and bed-based online shopping. It is the perfect chance for eCommerce merchants to reach out to their customers and promote their special deals.

Do you know how to set up SMS & email campaigns that will keep conversion rates high even after the Christmas craze? We do. And we are about to give you the keys you need to fuel your tank and boost turnover. 


Grab Customers From the Beginning


Use appealing visuals and captivating subject lines to grab your customers' attention right from the start. Since Boxing Day is a rather “lazy” retail holiday, be straightforward with what you offer. Make your deal super clear, and don't forget to add actionable CTAs, such as "shop now," "grab now, "get the offer," etc.


If you plan to donate a portion of your profits to a charitable cause and you want to invite your customers to participate, make sure to mention this right from the start. 


✅ SMS Template 1

{SiteName}: Walk in the New Year with a great pair of new shoes, {FirstName}! Grab our exclusive Boxing Day treats in the next 24 hours: {DiscountCodeUrl}


✅ SMS Template 2

{SiteName}: Hey, {FirstName}, what better way to enjoy Boxing Day than with {DiscountValue} off our special bundles? We've added the item right to your cart with the discount applied here: {DiscountCodeUrl}


✅ SMS Template 3

{SiteName}: Waltz in 2023 with a new look, {FirstName}! With our glamorous make-up kits, the glow is guaranteed, and so is the {DiscountValue} special discount: {DiscountCodeUrl}


📩 Email Template 1

Boxing Day Super Sale

Stock up on all your faves on 26 December – 35% off with code BOXINGSALE.

Shop Now


📩 Email Template 2

Time to Give Back

On December 26, we're donating 70% of sales to sports programs for disadvantaged youth. Shop gear, sneakers, and more to bring joy to a young athlete.

Buy Now


📩 Email Template 3

Shop and Give Back this Boxing Day

We've got two reasons for you to shop on 26 December: 1) 25% off everything in the store 2) 25% of your order goes to the charity of your choice

Shop Now


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Offer Big & Bold Discounts 


As retailers prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season, they'll have to meet consumer expectations, which are heavily influenced by sky-high inflation and rising prices. In fact, price has been rated the #1 factor when making a purchasing decision. 

One thing you can be sure of when it comes to Boxing Day: your customers will be bombarded with offers from all over the place, and you will be competing for their attention. So make this sweater season a sale-a-thon. Use both SMS & email to promote big and bold discounts, announce a clearance, or a limited end-of-year flash sale.




✅ SMS Template 1

{SiteName}: It's Boxing Day, {FirstName}! What better post-holiday excuse to shop? Unbox some great offers, with up to {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl}


✅ SMS Template 2

New year, new inventory at {SiteName}{FirstName}! Are you ready for clearance? As a Boxing Day special, enjoy a 48-hour blowout sale: {DiscountCodeUrl}


📩 Email Template

Boxing Day Blowout

Shop the entire store on 26 December and get 45% off – no code required!

Shop Now


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Make Boxing Day all About Self-care


For a while now, this day has been claimed to be the time for people to indulge in some “Me” shopping. After all, they spent all month trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones and now need to pamper themselves a bit.

Boxing Day is an excellent occasion for stores to dust off their top-shelf items and promote them. Even if you decide not to be too generous with your discounts, careful wording, emphasizing the exclusivity of the item, how “luxurious,” “deluxe,” and “rich” it is, and how much your customer deserves to “spoil” themselves, to be “special-treated,” “catered for” etc., will still win you big. 



✅ SMS Template 1

{SiteName}: Been good all year, {FirstName}? We know. Time to tickle your senses with our exclusive exotic fragrances. Pamper yourself this season: {DiscountCodeUrl}


✅ SMS Template 2

{SiteName}: Have you pampered yourself enough this year, {FirstName}? Celebrate Boxing Day with some post-Christmas “ME” treats! Use {DiscountValue} off your order: {DiscountCodeUrl}


📩 Email Template

You deserve it!

Hey Jailene! Tis the season to treat yourself! We’re doing buy one, gift one all month long. For every fragrance you purchase, you get a second one for free! No code needed.

Shop Now


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Use Strong FOMO  


You’ve already heard about the power of FOMO (fear of missing out), but on days like Boxing Day, when people are looking to score one last great purchase before the end of the year, its strength is undeniable.

Add a sense of urgency with verbiage such as “hurry up,” “act fast,” “grab now,” “snag them,” “last chance,” “today only,” “you’ve got one hour,” "while stocks last,” “merchandise is running low,” “ends in...”, “beat the clock,” “don’t miss out,” “limited number of items” etc.  



✅ SMS Template 1

{SiteName}: Put your gloves on, {FirstName}. it's Boxing Day! Today only – enjoy full clearance on all sports equipment, no tapout: {DiscountCodeUrl}


✅ SMS Template 2

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, celebrate Boxing Day with some quick after-Christmas shopping! Enjoy {DiscountValue} off on all items for a limited time only! {DiscountCodeUrl}


📩 Email Template

You are running out of time!

Jessica, this is your last chance to snag our irresistible deals. Enjoy sitewide discounts of up to 30%.

Shop Now


Find more Boxing Day SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner and Template Gallery.


“Santa brought you a vacuum, not the shoes you wanted?“


And a fun fact for you: the official name of boxing is not really boxing, it’s pugilism.

While you might not win your customers over with “fun” facts like this Wikipedia-extracted one, you will definitely get a smile (and a sale) from using humor and common sense.

Why common sense? Because Boxing Day in the UK is also known as gift-returning day, which is an easy icebreaker. “Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas” – don’t worry, we have it, and you can get it today at an excellent price.

Such call-to-action is very relevant, and you can’t go wrong with it – many people don’t get what they actually wanted for Christmas, so they can relate to your message.



✅ SMS Template

{SiteName}: Santa didn't bring you what you wanted, {FirstName}? Our Boxing Day promo is your 2nd chance. Up to {DiscountValue} off all items: {DiscountCodeUrl}


📩 Email Template

Time to shop!

Cecilia, now’s the right time to get the gift you always wanted. Enjoy Boxing Day discounts of up to 25%.

Shop Now


Find more Boxing Day SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner and Template Gallery.




For more holly-jolly treats under the Christmas tree, check our holiday SMS & Email Playbook or learn how to sleigh your December sales with these 5 SMS & Email Flows.





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