SMS Templates 👸 March inspiration and events 👸

SMS Templates 👸 March inspiration and events 👸
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March is Women's History Month. 👸 From science and culture to society and politics, we celebrate the accomplishments of trailblazing women who have led the way for change over the years. With International Women’s Day falling on March 8, it’s an excellent opportunity for brands of all sizes to launch dedicated campaigns throughout the month. 


Venture outside the box and celebrate women during events such as The Oscars!

The Oscar Award Ceremony will be held on March 13 and will highlight the best performances in the movie industry throughout the year. This night is all about art, glam, and stars, so make your products the stars of your SMS campaign and put your best-sellers in the spotlight. Focus on exclusive, high-end offers to ensure
your customers feel extra fabulous. 

  • {SiteName}: Our award this year goes to you {FirstName}! We might not have Oscars at hand, but our supreme {DiscountValue} sale is here to give you the redcarpet treatment: {DiscountCodeUrl} 
  • It’s the week of the Oscars at {SiteName}! {FirstName}, each day enjoy different awardwinning products on sale. Keep an eye out for deals of up to {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl}


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