Loyalty Feature List

Loyalty Feature List
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Loyalty Feature List

Create custom-tailored loyalty and referral programs



Campaigns: Purchases

  • Points for Purchases
    Incentivize your customers with loyalty points for every dollar they spend for purchases of specific products that you want to promote
  • Refer a Friend
    The Refer Friends Module Editor allows you to quickly build a customized and intuitive user experience for your referring customers without the need for any development. 
  • Points for Photo and Video Reviews
    Reward shoppers for submitting a product review with a photo or video. Motivate them to talk about their experience with your products and reward them for sharing their thoughts
  • Goal Spend
    Increase AOV by rewarding points to your shoppers only when reaching a spending target of your choosing
  • Punch Card
    Increase the number of orders per shopper by rewarding points only once they reach a predetermined number of purchases
  • Points for Subscription Purchases
    Award points for joining your Subscription program


Campaigns: Account

  • Create Account
    Convert site visitors into leads by rewarding them as soon as they create a store account
  • Happy Birthday
    Increase loyalty and strengthen customer bonds by giving the shoppers a special birthday reward
  • Happy Anniversary
    Add a personal touch to your loyalty program by giving shoppers a special gift for their anniversary or for celebrating the date they joined the loyalty program


Campaigns: Social

  • Facebook Share
    Maximize your brand's social media exposure by rewarding customers for sharing Facebook posts
  • Page Visit
    Drive traffic to specific pages by incentivizing customers for each unique visit
  • Twitter Follow, Tweet, & Retweet
    Reward customers for tweeting, retweeting, or following your brand on Twitter
  • Sign up for SMS
    Reward customers for subscribing to your SMS list
  • Read Content
    Encourage shoppers to read blogs, newsletters, etc., and answer related questions to earn rewards
  • Points for Donations
    Reward customers for participating in your donation campaign

Campaigns: Advanced Settings

  • Reward for Custom Actions
    Encourage shoppers to read blogs, newsletters, etc., and answer related questions to earn rewards
  • Restrict to Certain Items
    Exclude products from your loyalty program so that customers won't get points for purchasing these products
  • Restrict to Product Collections
    Exclude product collections from your loyalty program so that customers won't get points for purchasing items from these collections




  • $ off points (set values) & off points (variable values)
    Let customers redeem their points for rewards
  • Redeem: Free Shipping
    Reward shoppers with a free shipping perk
  • Redeem: Free Product
    Allow shoppers to redeem points for a free product
  • Redeem: Custom Reward
    Create reward options that go beyond discounts and store credit. You can offer things such as unique experiences or donations to charities
  • Redeem: Custom Coupons
    Reward your customers with coupon codes outside of your shop. This is a useful tool when you wish to reward customers with coupons that will be applied on a platform or 3rd party app
  • Gift Cards
    Reward your customers with a gift card they can share with friends or use on your store in their next purchase 



  • Drag and Drop Rewards Page Builder
    Our intuitive drag-and-drop modules allow you to quickly launch — no coding or website development required
  • Redeem: Points at Check-out
    Increase conversion with an uninterrupted checkout experience by allowing shoppers to redeem at checkout
  • Advanced CSS Editor
    Apply your own custom CSS edits to achieve a Rewards Page design that's truly native to your site and brand

Program design

  • User Management
  • Fraud Prevention
    Robust prevention to avoid referral misuse by automatically blocking referrals based on user agent, IP address, billing address, and more
  • Points Expiration
    Increase redemption rates by setting a timeframe for unused points to expire '
  • VIP Tiers
    Motivate your shoppers to engage more meaningfully with your brand by building a custom VIP Tier loyalty program. Boost customer engagement, retention, and overall customer lifetime value
  • Paid Memberships
    Encourage shoppers to purchase access to exclusive benefits to bump revenue and increase customer lifetime value
  • Include/Exclude Customers in Program

    Manually add or remove a customer from your Loyalty and Referral program

  • Include/Exclude Products in Program
    Manually add or remove a product from your Loyalty and Referral program
  • Multi Currency
    Implementing multi-currency allows you to display your Loyalty & Referrals program in the shopper’s chosen currency
  • Multi Store
    If you are a merchant with multiple stores, you can set your loyalty program to share your customers’ points across all of them. This means your customers can use the points they earned in all of your stores combined and redeem them for rewards in any one of your stores


Reporting and Analytics

  • ROI Dashboard
    Gain valuable insights into the value of your Loyalty & Referral program and leverage real-time data to gauge ROI and understand, optimize, and improve your program
  • Loyalty Performance
    Gain valuable insights into the performance of your customer loyalty program and leverage real-time data to gauge ROI and understand, optimize, and improve your program
  • Referral Performance
    Examine how well your referral program is performing in terms of engagement and revenue
  • Customer Report
    Export your customers to a CSV file. The file will include the customers' email address, first name, last name, current points balance, and a referral link for each customer
  • VIP Tier Performance
    Understand the value generated by the VIP Tiers. Understand how many users engage with the tiers and gain valuable insights into the performance of your customer loyalty program


Strategy and Support

  • Yotpo Academy
    Get access to educational content by Yotpo
  • Email Support
    Our knowledgable support team is available to answer questions and resolve any issues
  • 24/7 Chat Support
    Get instant help anytime you need it with our live chat support
  • Onboarding Manager
    Pre-deployment, you’ll work closely with one of our Onboarding Experts who will set you up for success
  • Templated Emails: Build Awareness
    Pre-build and fully customizable email templates for building awareness about your loyalty & referrals program
  • Templated Emails: Campaigns
    Pre-build and fully customizable email templates for your loyalty and referrals campaigns
  • Templated Campaign Calendar
  • Segmentation: Create audiences
    Build exclusive promotions for a selected group of shoppers with audience based campaigns
  • Campaign Scheduling
    Schedule point promotions well in advance to maximize your program's efficiency
  • Customer Success Manager
    Get the most out of Yotpo features with a dedicated account representative committed to your success
  • Account Manager



  • Yotpo Native Email
  • Send Emails via ESP Provider
    Integrate your ESP with Yotpo to send all your Loyalty & Referrals emails through your preferred email solution
  • Shopify POS
    Enroll customers, track point balances, and apply discounts to the checkout cart during in-person transactions on Shopify POS. Create a rewards program that works seamlessly everywhere
  • Recharge Integration
    Seamlessly integrate Recharge with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals to generate coupon codes that can be applied to the ReCharge checkout
  • Shopping Gives
    Integrate your ESP with Yotpo to send all your Loyalty & Referrals emails through your preferred email solution
  • Integrate via API & Webhooks
    Integrate any app by using webhooks
  • Ordergroove Integration
    Allow subscribers to accumulate points on subscription purchases, offer special rewards for reaching subscription milestones and redeem points for discounts on both first purchases made via your shop’s checkout and recurring purchases via Ordergroove
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Automatically sync program-related data with your Marketing Cloud account

8 replies

This is an impressive array of features and options for a loyalty and referral program! It's great to see the comprehensive range of possibilities available with Yotpo. The ability to incentivize customers with loyalty points for purchases of specific products is an excellent way to promote and drive sales for targeted items.

The "Refer a Friend" module editor is particularly interesting, as it enables the creation of a customized and user-friendly experience for customers referring their friends, without the need for any development work. This streamlined approach simplifies the process and encourages more customers to participate in the referral program.

Rewarding customers with points for submitting photo and video reviews is a fantastic way to motivate them to share their experiences with your products. Visual testimonials can have a significant impact on potential buyers, and this feature encourages customers to share their thoughts while earning rewards.

The "Goal Spend" and "Punch Card" options offer creative ways to increase average order value and encourage repeat purchases. Setting spending targets or rewarding customers once they reach a predetermined number of purchases creates a sense of achievement and motivates them to engage more with your brand.

The inclusion of account-related campaigns such as "Create Account" and "Happy Birthday" adds a personal touch to the loyalty program. By rewarding customers when they create an account and on special occasions like their birthday or anniversary, you strengthen customer loyalty and foster a deeper connection with your brand.

The social media-focused campaigns, such as "Facebook Share" and "Twitter Follow, Tweet, & Retweet," leverage the power of social platforms to maximize brand exposure. By incentivizing customers to engage with your brand on social media, you can expand your reach and generate more buzz around your products.

The redemption options, including redeeming points for discounts, free shipping, free products, custom rewards, and gift cards, provide customers with a variety of appealing choices. This flexibility allows them to select rewards that align with their preferences and further encourages loyalty and engagement.

The advanced settings, reporting, and analytics features, as well as the integration options, demonstrate the robustness and flexibility of Yotpo. The ability to customize and track program performance, as well as integrate with various platforms and systems, enhances the overall effectiveness and management of the loyalty and referral program.

Lastly, the support and strategy offerings, such as Yotpo Academy, email support, chat support, and onboarding and account managers, ensure that you have the necessary guidance and assistance to make the most of the Yotpo features and optimize your loyalty program.

Overall, Yotpo offers an impressive suite of features and support that can help businesses create a powerful and effective loyalty and referral program. The range of options available allows for customization and tailoring to specific business needs, while the integration capabilities ensure seamless integration with existing systems. Well done, Yotpo!



We sincerely appreciate Yotpo's royalty feature list, as it greatly enhances our website capabilities. This innovative feature allows us to reward our loyal customers and foster a stronger connection with them. By leveraging Yotpo's royalty functionality, we can provide exclusive benefits, incentives, and personalized experiences to our valued customers, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and driving greater engagement on our website. Thank you, Yotpo, for providing such a valuable feature that contributes to our overall success.

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Thanks, Hammar! Happy to help. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to support your business :)

Yotpo's loyalty program features are simply outstanding! As a user, I've been thoroughly impressed with the range of tools and benefits it offers to businesses looking to boost customer loyalty and engagement. The platform seamlessly integrates into our existing systems, making it easy to set up and launch.

One of the standout features is the ability to create personalized and customizable loyalty programs. We can tailor rewards, points, and incentives based on our unique customer segments, ensuring a personalized experience for each user. This level of customization has significantly increased customer retention and repeat purchases.

The program's gamification elements, such as tiered rewards and progress tracking, add a fun and engaging aspect for our customers. It motivates them to interact with our brand more frequently, resulting in a higher level of brand loyalty.

Yotpo's loyalty program also offers valuable data insights through analytics and reporting. The detailed metrics help us understand our customers' behavior, preferences, and the effectiveness of our loyalty strategies. Armed with this data, we can continuously optimize and refine our loyalty program to maximize its impact.

Another fantastic feature is the seamless integration with social media. Customers can easily share their experiences, rewards, and achievements, helping to generate organic word-of-mouth marketing and expand our brand's reach.

Last but not least, Yotpo's customer support has been exemplary. Any questions or concerns we've had were promptly addressed, and their team has provided valuable guidance in getting the most out of the loyalty program features.

Overall, Yotpo's loyalty program features have played a crucial role in transforming our customer retention efforts. It has boosted customer satisfaction, increased customer lifetime value, and turned our happy customers into loyal brand advocates. I highly recommend Yotpo to any business looking to take their loyalty and engagement initiatives to the next level.

We highly appreciate Yotpo's royalty feature list, which substantially expands the possibilities of our website. This new feature allows us to recognise our regular clients and strengthen our relationship with them. We can deliver special advantages, incentives, and personalised experiences to our valued customers by using Yotpo's royalty capability, thereby increasing customer happiness and generating increased engagement on our website. Thank you for giving such an important element that helps to our overall performance, Yotpo.


Wow, Yotpo's Loyalty and Referral Program is a game-changer for businesses! With its extensive feature list, including customized campaigns, redemptions, and robust reporting, it offers a comprehensive solution to boost customer engagement and loyalty. Plus, the support and integration options make it a must-have for any e-commerce venture. Exciting possibilities ahead!

By offering points for purchases, you incentivize customers to choose specific products, promoting targeted sales. The Refer a Friend module simplifies the referral process, allowing you to effortlessly create a user-friendly referral system without the need for development work. This encourages existing customers to bring in new business page, expanding your customer base. 

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