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How can brands prepare differently for BFCM this year? 🤔


Best answer by Roshelle at Yotpo 23 August 2022, 19:29

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Hi @jlee, very interesting topic. This year is for sure different! 

From the Yotpo side I've seen many of our brands double down on personalization as a strategy!

This means that they no longer open discounts for everyone, but instead use data to understand current behaviors and create targeted campaigns to “control” who the campaigns are going to and that way get desirable actions from shoppers. For instance, now that we have rolled out Yotpo’s enhanced segmentation engine, we’ve actually seen one of our amazing beauty brands create a very specific segment of shoppers who bought in the last year once and ever since they haven’t bought again, this group of people are also loyalty members and SMS subscribers. The brand went ahead and took that specific segment and created a pre- BFCM punch card campaign that basically gets shoppers to buy at least 2 times during the summer and if they complete their 3rd purchase by BFCM they get a free product to redeem. At the end of the day, this allows brands to open promotions to less number of people, but these are the people who actually bring high-value to the brand!