Can increase/speedup API request rate limit to send more products to Yotpo

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We are using API to send client products to Yotpo. We should send 200k+ SKUs to Yotpo. But got rate limit exceeded and couldn’t send all SKUs in time. Taking 30 mins to send 5k SKUs.

You are following limit of 5 requests/second on API requests. So we couldn’t send/complete all SKUs to you in time by this restriction.

Can you please suggest any way to allow this without any restriction?


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Hi, @murugan 👋🏻


Welcome to the Yotpo Community! 😊 We are working on collecting and sharing more information about your question! In the meantime, let us know if you have other questions or comments. 

Hi, just checking in if you found any better solutions? It would be great if, like ShopifyPlus, we can ask for an increase in the rate limit during migrations or uploads of mass data.





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@translatorhq  You can ask your support to raise this rate limit. In certain scenarios only, this can be done for Reviews. For loyalty, the rate limit of 5 requests/second is maintained.