Is this compitable with Headless sites?

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Is Yotpo subscriptions compitable with Headless sites using Shopify as the backend?

I know Yotpo have good API support for their other services so if it is not not supported now will it be in the future?



Best answer by Judith from Yotpo 30 August 2022, 19:42

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@Judith from Yotpo @heather @Hannah B perhaps one of you can answer this one? Thanks!

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Hi @Matt Thanks for your question! Yotpo Subscriptions is compatible with Headless sites. You can  contact support or your CSM to help you get set up.

The phrase "Is this compatible with Headless sites?" is quite broad and doesn't specify what "this" refers to. To provide a more accurate response, I would need more context and information about what you're referring to as "this" and what specific headless sites or technologies you are inquiring about. Headless sites often refer to websites where the frontend and backend are decoupled, allowing for more flexibility and customization. Depending on the technology or service you're inquiring about, it may or may not be compatible with headless sites. Please provide more details for a more precise answer.