2022 Subscription Shoppers Survey: The Roadmap to Winning Customers for Life

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2022 Subscription Shoppers Survey: The Roadmap to Winning Customers for Life


In our latest consumer survey, shoppers reveal their subscription preferences as well as their expectations, we dive into their fear of commitment and what ultimately drives them to unsubscribe.



Table of Contents: 

01 Methodology & audience data: The who, what, where, and why 

02 Subscription preferences: Tell us what you want, what you really, really want 

03 Subscription expectations: You know what they say about assuming 

04 Overcoming roadblocks: Time to hit the ground running   

05 Tackling churn: This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later



Subscriptions Will be Vital to Your Retention Strategy 


The shoppers have spoken and the data shows the path to subscriptions is anything but a straight line. With an unprecedented number of brands offering subscriptions, the noise has never been louder. We polled thousands of customers and dug deep into the data to get a better understanding of what the people want when it comes to a subscription and ultimately how to keep them subscribed for longer. 


Time is of the essence and if you’re getting ready to put a bigger focus on retention in 2023, then subscriptions need to be part of your strategy. 


With data gleaned from the survey, we’ll give you key insights into: 

  • Shoppers' preferences when it comes to their subscriptions 

  • What shoppers expect from a subscription program

  • Methods for overcoming roadblocks on the path to purchase

  • How to tackle churn; in the subscription world, not all churn means a lost customer


As we look to the future there’s a lot we don’t know. Brands need predictability in their revenue streams and they have to make sure they’re doing everything they can to keep customers satisfied and subscribed, or, at the very least, hooked on your brand. That means going above and beyond for your customers. Now is the time to take a more advanced, intelligent approach to your subscription business. 



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