Introducing Text-to-Buy from Yotpo SMSBump and Shop Pay - powered by Shopify

Ready to Drive Sales Faster? Let Customers Buy With a Text¬†Get your products into your customers‚Äô hands faster than ever as we enter the next era of mobile commerce, where SMS is the new storefront.¬†¬†What if you could guide customers from product discovery to purchase with the ease and speed of sending a text? With Yotpo SMSBump, you can.¬†The platform that brought you Click-to-Buy, a breakthrough feature that allows brands to share links to personalized shopping carts via SMS, is further revolutionizing mobile commerce with technology that makes text messages even more shoppable ‚ÄĒ no more searching, click-throughs, or detailed inputs required ‚ÄĒ so your customers can buy faster and your sales can grow.Introducing Text-to-Buy from Yotpo SMSBump and Shop Pay, powered by Shopify,¬†a superior mobile checkout experience where consumers can choose and pay for their favorite products through a quick exchange of texts. It‚Äôs a better way to buy, designed with mobile-first consumers in mind.¬†¬†The challenges of the consumer path to purchase on mobile¬†eCommerce brands know how critical a positive mobile presence is to¬†engage modern consumers, and most have already taken steps to achieve the optimal mobile experience: making websites and shopping carts mobile-friendly; optimizing for faster load times; launching mobile apps and social storefronts with built-in shopping capabilities; and marketing via push notifications and SMS. But despite all of these advancements, the path to purchase on mobile remains complex.There are still too many barriers to purchase, points of friction that demand time, attention, and action from the consumer who may drop off, abandoning their cart or browsing session without following through. And with ongoing market and privacy changes sending customer acquisition costs skyrocketing, losing them on that path to purchase is even more painful.Let‚Äôs explore what that path often looks like today, from start to finish:¬†Upgrading from ‚ÄúAdd to cart‚ÄĚ to ‚ÄúText to buy‚Ä̬†The previous path to purchase is lengthy, chaotic, and leaves too much risk for lost revenue. Nearly¬†70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, and Retail Dive reports that¬†consumers‚Äô attention spans¬†have dropped from 12 to eight seconds¬†on average. For the highest chance of success, the journey from discovery to purchase therefore needs to be faster than they can lose interest.Let‚Äôs explore what the new, expedited path to purchase will look like when consumers can shop by text:¬†Rather than involving a multitude of steps and actions, Text-to-Buy condenses the path to purchase into one, effortless message exchange, capturing attention instantly and allowing orders to be placed as fast as responding to a text.¬†Shoppable SMS: How does Text-to-Buy work?¬†With Shop Pay built natively into the user interface, Text-to-Buy will enable mobile consumers to buy from brands in seamless interactions. As¬†the #1 accelerated checkout in the U.S. on Shopify, Shop Pay allows consumers to securely save their email address, credit card, shipping, and billing information, which Shopify merchants will soon be able to offer as an expedited checkout option in Text-to-Buy campaigns. Through the Text-to-Buy functionality, customers can confirm these details and place their order without ever having to leave their messages. You simply send your text and your customer will text you back to begin checkout.¬†¬†Shopify Checkout is fast, intuitive, and simple. With Shop Pay, merchants get a¬†4x faster checkout experience¬†and an¬†11% higher conversion¬†than other accelerated checkouts. Not only that, Shop Pay is¬†trusted by over 100 million shoppers, with up to¬†85% of users turned repeat buyers, making it a game-changing addition to SMS marketing programs.¬†Shop Pay is the best way to check out across the web and in social commerce. We‚Äôre excited to now bring the same seamless payments to power text-to-buy solutions together with Yotpo. ‚ÄĒ Carl Rivera, VP of Product & Head of Shop at Shopify¬†Text-to-Buy vs. Click-to-Buy: What‚Äôs the difference?¬†Yotpo SMSBump‚Äôs Text-to-Buy and¬†exclusive Click-to-Buy feature¬†are both huge technological milestones for mobile commerce, redesigning the modern way to communicate (texting) into a modern way to shop. eCommerce brands can use them both, in tandem, to create even more powerful, expedited checkout experiences for mobile-first consumers.Text-to-Buy is the best fit for customers who use Shop Pay, as the order details you need to complete their transaction will already be securely stored for use. Click-to-Buy can provide the same convenient and personalized experience via SMS as Text-to-Buy ‚ÄĒ but by directing to a curated cart instead, it offers more flexibility for customers who are not on Shop Pay, as well as for brands looking to bring together multiple product offerings and increase cart value.¬†¬†If a customer texts to buy but hasn‚Äôt set up Shop Pay yet, they will receive a link to do so as well as an alternative link to access the shopping cart, so they can choose which way they prefer to complete the transaction. Similarly, if a customer is located in a country where they can‚Äôt reply to SMS marketing messages, the Text-to-Buy instructions will be replaced with a Click-to-Buy link. So no matter what your customer‚Äôs situation is, you can give them the ability to buy right in the message thread, or click through to check out, streamlining the purchase process with both features working together.We‚Äôre already seeing the impact that this faster path to purchase can have on your marketing. Click-to-Buy campaigns, for example, are seeing¬†60x ROI or more. Direct-to-consumer skincare brand,¬†Barefaced, has even seen as high as¬†119x ROI¬†with SMS marketing messages that take the subscriber directly to checkout.¬†Texting your way to success¬†Big-box retailers like Walmart and the Home Depot have slowly been¬†expanding shopping capabilities into conversational channels, such as through voice shopping and text-to-shop tools that allow customers to communicate naturally about what they want, when they want it, wherever they are. Yotpo SMSBump‚Äôs Text-to-Buy now brings this convenient and conversational shopping experience to eCommerce, fundamentally changing mobile checkout and giving your brand the power to:Accelerate the path to purchase:¬†By eliminating the majority of steps between product discovery and point of sale, you can solve for drop-offs in the buyer journey, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversion rates. Retain more customers:¬†Ongoing privacy changes¬†are making it increasingly expensive to acquire customers, but offering convenience can be your solution to keeping them happy and engaged. Most consumers¬†(76%) say convenience is a key priority¬†in selecting a retailer, and responding to a text is as convenient as shopping gets. Encourage impulse buying:¬†Predict which product(s) your customer will love before they do, then share it with them via SMS. Just as social commerce has enabled brands to target an already engaged audience, Text-to-Buy gives you the power to meet customers where they already are, sparking immediate interest and getting them to purchase then and there. Foster stronger customer relationships:¬†Texting is personal, native behavior for today‚Äôs consumers. As a result, your Text-to-Buy campaigns can feel less like promotions and more like genuine interactions with your brand to build and sustain relationships.We‚Äôre on a mission to empower brands to expedite the path to purchase with innovative mobile shopping experiences. With Yotpo SMSBump‚Äôs Text-to-Buy, customers can shop for their favorite products without ever leaving their texts. When you can simply reply to buy, it‚Äôs the most frictionless shopping experience yet. ‚ÄĒ Omer Bar Joseph, GM, Yotpo SMSBump.¬†Get to know your customers to drive greater impact¬†Text-to-shop tools are unmatched for their ability to drive customers to checkout with greater speed and less friction, but it‚Äôs not enough to just make mobile shopping fast and easy. For maximum results, you need to know your customers too, and Yotpo SMSBump gives you all of the insights you need to have a 360-degree view of every subscriber.With our cross-product synergies and¬†native Shopify integration, eCommerce brands get access to a wealth of customer data to make Text-to-Buy campaigns highly impactful. Know which product(s) they bought, how much they spent, and their sentiment from past reviews. Predict who is more likely to purchase next and who is more likely to churn based on their engagement level. Identify your most nurtured and¬†loyal SMS subscribers, learn from their preferences and behaviors, and reach them with products they are sure to love before they even have to search for them.With three top drivers of convenience and personalization soon to be under one roof ‚ÄĒ Text-to-Buy, Click-to-Buy, and¬†a brand new subscriptions offering¬†‚ÄĒ Yotpo is committed to innovation that accelerates direct-to-consumer growth in the mobile-first world. Text-to-Buy is our next step towards delivering the ultimate mobile shopping experience, and it‚Äôs nearly here.Register for our waitlist¬†to be one of the first brands to send fast, relevant,¬†shoppable¬†texts.¬†ūüď£¬†Join the waitlist¬†ūüď£¬†

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How Yotpo Is Working to Promote an Authentic Review Experience

ūüí° Use these best practices when collecting, moderating, and displaying your reviews.¬†We talk a lot about the importance of authentic reviews here at Yotpo, and how brands should publish all of their reviews,¬†even the bad ones.To ensure that we‚Äôre creating a compliant environment for brands and a trustworthy experience for consumers, we wanted to remain transparent by showcasing the Federal Trade Commission‚Äôs (FTC) and the EU Omnibus Directive‚Äôs¬†regulations for collecting, moderating, and displaying reviews.¬†¬†Fair review practicesThe FTC has published educational resources on¬†best practices for collecting and moderating customer reviews¬†as it relates to¬†marketers¬†and¬†review platforms.¬†¬†Collecting reviewsThe general guidance for marketers on collecting reviews includes:¬†Refraining from asking for reviews from those who haven‚Äôt used your products or services.¬† Not asking for reviews from customers you believe will only leave positive ones. Using caution when offering incentives for reviews as there should be no conditions attached to the incentive for the review. Disclosure is key here.¬† Disclosing whether anyone from your staff, family, or social circle has written any reviews. Otherwise, the review should not be included on the site.¬†Moderating and displaying reviewsIn order to further promote transparency while moderating reviews, the FTC encourages brands to:¬†Publish all reviews ‚ÄĒ both positive and negative.¬† Display reviews in a way that is fair; positive reviews should not be made more prominent than negative ones.¬† Disclose any relevant information regarding the reviewer. If the reviewer has any connection to the product or service and/or if they received any kind of compensation for their review.¬† Disclose how reviews are collected and processed before they‚Äôre published.¬† Identify fake or misleading reviews after they‚Äôve been published. Then, determine whether they should be removed or kept (but labeled as fake/suspicious).¬†Yotpo shares the belief that showing both good and bad reviews on-site is a key factor in creating an authentic shopping experience and promoting consumer confidence. Because of this,¬†our moderation practices were updated in 2021¬†to ensure alignment with FTC guidelines.¬†We‚Äôve worked to design a moderation process that is fair, yet maintains your brand‚Äôs control over the content as long as reviews are rejected over legitimate reasons and in a timely manner.¬†This ensures that the brands working with Yotpo have access to the best moderation practices, and that they are applying moderation practices aligned with the guidelines of the regulator. Remember¬†the key to FTC compliance is to publish all reviews¬†(with a few exceptions detailed below) as quickly as possible.¬†Yotpo moderation practicesOur moderation process only affects brands that use the¬†Auto-Publishing Reviews feature. When auto-publish is enabled, reviews submitted by your customers are automatically published to the Reviews Widget on your site. Generally, you can choose to publish all reviews right away, or only publish reviews with a minimum star rating.Now, brands that choose to raise the star rating filter above 1-star will need to take action on (either publish or reject) reviews that fall below the minimum rating. Our strong recommendation is that reviews are only rejected for a legitimate reason as outlined below, otherwise the FTC may view rejections as a law violation. And while we allow a 14-day window, the FTC may require brands to moderate and make decisions about posting in a much shorter time period.This change means that all reviews, whether positive or negative, will be published in a timely manner¬†‚ÄĒ helping to promote fair and authentic review publishing practices, while continuing to give brands control of their content.Here‚Äôs what the moderation flow looks like:¬†When brands can reject a reviewThere are a limited number of legitimate reasons where a brand can reject a review from appearing on their website. The¬†FTC¬†says that brands are within their rights to reject reviews that:Contain unlawful, harassing, abusive, obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit content Are inappropriate with respect to race, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity Are unrelated to products or services (such as customer service, delivery, returns, or exchanges). Contain confidential or private information, are clearly false or misleading, or have been written by a competitor.¬†Additional reasons for rejecting a review may include when it makes favorable performance claims that are false or misleading, and when a brand has a good faith belief that a review is fake and/or not written by a verified customer.¬†Yotpo creates the most trustworthy experiences for consumers and brands alike. Sharing positive and negative reviews on-site is crucial to creating a more authentic experience for your customers.¬†¬†Best practices for reviews in the EUFair review practices are not unique to the US; the European Union (EU) follows similar practices when it comes to collecting, moderating, and displaying reviews.¬†The EU also has regulations in place for fake reviews.¬†According to the¬†Omnibus Directive,¬†brands are also not permitted to:Publish only positive reviews. Delete negative reviews. Create fake reviews. Make false claims about verified consumer reviews. Ask others to submit fake reviews. Hide how reviews have been collected and processed.Brands in the EU are encouraged to keep these best practices top of mind for all product reviews.¬†Yotpo review verificationBrands are responsible for complying with the Omnibus Directive laws and regulations. However, brands can also use Yotpo tools such as the¬†Verified Buyer Badge and the Verified Reviewer Badge¬†to help them keep track of legitimate reviews.For instance, if there‚Äôs a Verified Buyer Badge next to a review, this means that the shopper left a review after receiving an¬†Automatic Review Request¬†following their purchase. The Verified Reviewer Badge, on the other hand, is placed next to reviews when shoppers post their reviews directly to a brand‚Äôs site. Once they post the review, the shopper will receive an email to authenticate the review. After the email address has been verified, that review will receive the Verified Reviewer Badge. Reviews posted via social media may also receive the Verified Reviewer Badge.However, if a review cannot be verified by either an Automatic Review Request, email, or social, it may be posted as Anonymous.¬†Why brands should publish all relevant reviewsKeep in mind that bad reviews aren‚Äôt necessarily bad for business. Consider the stats:53% of consumers¬†specifically seek out bad reviews for one or more products they‚Äôre interested in. Consumers trust reviews more when they see a mix of good and bad feedback. If the feedback is entirely positive,¬†95% believe the reviews are fake¬†or screened by the company. 68% of shoppers¬†trust reviews more when they see both positive and negative content.Publishing all of your reviews ‚ÄĒ including the negative ones ‚ÄĒ benefits both brands and consumers. For brands, it helps to boost authenticity and overall consumer confidence. For consumers, it means making better-informed purchases from a brand they trust.¬†Yotpo customers can rest assured that their review provider reflects the latest guidance from the FTC as well as the Omnibus Directive.¬†These updates and processes for collecting, moderating, and displaying reviews helps brands leverage the full power of customer reviews, while enhancing shoppers‚Äô trust in brands.¬†¬†¬†

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Yotpo is partnering with ShoppingGives, Gorgias, and FounderMade to support the Pride 2022 Coalition! ūüĆą

We‚Äôre excited to share a timely fundraising campaign to celebrate Pride Month this June. In partnership with ShoppingGives, Gorgias, and FounderMade, we‚Äôre calling upon brands to support nonprofits committed to supporting LGBTQ+ rights and equality: OutRight Action International, It Gets Better Project, and Trans Lifeline!¬†¬†We invite you to join this campaign by pledging to donate a percentage of sales to the featured nonprofits via ShoppingGives technology.ūüĆą¬†This campaign will run throughout the month of June, Pride Month. Learn more about our mission and¬†how your brand can join the ongoing movement for equality in the LGBTQ+ community at¬†¬†¬†Benefits of joining the coalition: Easy turn-key way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community alongside other purpose-driven brands. Rights to use featured nonprofits‚Äô names and logos in marketing.¬† Receive a marketing toolkit with social, email, and PR assets to support promotion efforts. Be spotlighted across partners and nonprofits‚Äô marketing for participation. Participation is Easy! Apply to participate via the campaign page.*¬† Once approved to join, our team will follow up with the next steps. Set your giving strategy for the featured nonprofits. Get the word out about your fundraiser! ¬†*To ensure a successful campaign for our nonprofit partners, participating brands commit to raising a minimum of $500. If this minimum is not reached, ShoppingGives will invoice for the remaining amount.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Introducing Yotpo Subscriptions, the Easiest Way to Boost Retention

We‚Äôre making subscriptions easy for merchants and customers alike.¬†¬†¬†Today is a big day for us at Yotpo. So many people have worked so hard to make something truly great for our eCommerce brands, and now we can finally share it with you all.¬†I‚Äôm so excited to introduce our newest product,¬†Yotpo Subscriptions¬†‚ÄĒ a subscription management solution, built for Shopify brands, that makes it easy to grow recurring revenue.This isn‚Äôt just a solution to manage your subscriptions. What we‚Äôre really excited about is that¬†we‚Äôre building a product that supports you in driving subscription¬†growth, and we‚Äôre doing it in a smart, streamlined way that makes it all easy.Growth is at the core of every solution we provide, so when it came to product subscriptions, we knew we had a lot to bring to the table for brands.We understand that a poor subscription management customer experience impacts not only your bottom line, but clogs up your customer service agents. We understand that every minute matters when it comes to migration. We understand that a solution needs to work seamlessly with your marketing tools to effectively reach and communicate with your customers.We‚Äôre taking our decade of eCommerce knowledge and using it to evolve the subscriptions landscape. Simply put,¬†we‚Äôre making subscriptions easy for merchants and customers alike.¬†We have even bigger dreams for taking subscriptions to new places, too.At Yotpo, we are champions for retention, and¬†our goal is to offer innovative, connected solutions that work together to bring customers back to buy again and again.¬†So naturally, we saw Subscriptions as a piece of the puzzle that will work in lockstep with every solution we offer to provide the best repurchase experience for consumers.So for example, in the very near future, Reviews customers will be able to run a targeted campaign to all 5-star reviewers offering them an incentive to subscribe, while brands using SMSBump will be able to personalize their outreach to promote subscriptions. And let‚Äôs not forget our gold standard for retention, loyalty. Soon brands will be able to motivate customers to commit to products by rewarding them for subscribing.Bringing subscriptions onto our platform allows us to tie it all together and make it seamless, so you can earn that ultimate customer commitment.As of today, Yotpo Subscriptions is available for small businesses on the¬†Shopify marketplace. We want to make it easy for smaller brands to accelerate their growth, so it was important to us that the product be self-installation and free to start with no monthly fees. Plus, brands will only pay 1% of their total subscription transactions after making $500 in sales each month.While we‚Äôre focused on small businesses today, this is just the beginning.We know that the best tools are self-sustaining, meaning they‚Äôre easy to download, navigate, set up, and use, so that has been our initial focus. But we also have an¬†exciting roadmap planned, with many features that will support the requirements of our larger customers,¬†including enhanced analytics, cross-product synergies, and more.¬†We know you‚Äôre excited so we‚Äôll keep you updated as we continue to enrich our solution. If you‚Äôd like to be¬†notified when Yotpo Subscriptions is ready for your business,¬†click here¬†to be added to the waitlist.¬†Ready to get started?¬†Click here to add Yotpo Subscriptions to your store.¬†¬†

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Yotpo SMSBump: Bringing the Power of Yotpo’s Platform to SMS

SMS is not a trend ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs table stakes for reaching consumers today. Yotpo SMSBump symbolizes our commitment to offering the most advanced SMS marketing solution for mobile-first commerce. By developing deeper synergies with Yotpo‚Äôs other marketing solutions, delivering more cutting-edge features, and offering strategic guidance, we can support any eCommerce brand looking to maximize engagement and revenue with SMS. ‚ÄĒ Omer Bar Joseph, GM, Yotpo SMSBump¬†It‚Äôs been two years since Yotpo first acquired SMSBump, and in that time our products have evolved alongside each other. Now, we are happy to share that our brands are coming together to drive SMS innovation even further as one, unified leader in SMS marketing. From exciting new features to enhanced integrations, here‚Äôs why we are so excited about our SMS platform‚Äôs future as¬†Yotpo SMSBump.¬†How did we get here?Serving more than 30,000 active brands, SMSBump established themselves as a leader in text marketing early on, with best-in-class features¬†designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus¬†that allowed them to become the most downloaded SMS marketing app. The SMSBump team learned from the very first adopters of SMS to develop a product that was expertly attuned to their needs ‚ÄĒ and we, in turn, learned from SMSBump to perfect that product, expand its effectiveness, and increase ROI exponentially.But as we‚Äôve grown together, the eCommerce landscape has shifted around us. Mobile commerce is no longer on the rise ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs leading the way, with consumers favoring mobile shopping and engagement behaviors over others. According to Shopify,¬†71% of purchases¬†during last year‚Äôs Black Friday / Cyber Monday came from mobile devices, and nearly¬†73% of internet users¬†are expected to access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025. Even when consumers decide to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, ‚Äúsmartphone-assisted shopping‚ÄĚ is now the norm, as they use their phones to search for product details, discounts, reviews, and loyalty rewards.SMS has become increasingly popular as a result, with¬†87% of consumers¬†currently receiving texts from brands ‚ÄĒ but the channel is still a highly personal one. Bulk SMS marketing, in which businesses send out generic texts en masse, is not enough to capture a customer‚Äôs attention and win their loyalty. Instead, brands need a more advanced SMS marketing solution, one that doesn‚Äôt keep your program siloed but rather ensures it is in perfect sync with every marketing channel you use. With integrated products and a wealth of shared data between them, brands can deliver cohesive, personalized experiences at every step of a customer‚Äôs journey, with content that is expertly tailored, timed, and relevant to them. We knew that by further integrating SMSBump into our eCommerce platform we could be that solution, creating even deeper synergies between our products and a more cohesive pathway to mCommerce success.In coming together as Yotpo SMSBump, we are combining the strengths of our products and our teams behind them, enabling brands of all sizes to more effectively engage customers, build sustainable relationships, and drive more revenue from mobile than ever before.¬†What does this mean for your eCommerce brand?As we look to¬†the future of the industry, SMS will be a standard part of any eCommerce tech stack. The channel will need to pair seamlessly with all other marketing channels, and that requires solutions that are not only connected, but work together to create frictionless experiences for brands and end users alike. Yotpo SMSBump brings together the best that Yotpo and SMSBump each have to offer for a more powerful platform approach that can carry brands into the mobile-first world.With SMSBump‚Äôs long-standing expertise and thoroughly tested tools, combined with Yotpo‚Äôs vast resources and integrated solutions, you will now find it easier than ever to take off with SMS and grow both your program and your business.¬†Australian activewear brand LSKD¬†did just that. The brand turned to Yotpo‚Äôs eCommerce marketing platform to support the needs of their growing business and scale their online community. With Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Loyalty together under one roof, LSKD could leverage shared data to send more meaningful messages to customers, build relationships across channels, and drive more revenue. In just six months with our platform, they were able to¬†grow their SMS subscriber base by 310%, while seeing an impressive¬†81x ROI on automated messaging flows. Now, they hope to leverage even more Yotpo products like Reviews to ensure continuous growth.¬†ūüďĆ Discover what else can you expect from Yotpo SMSBump at:¬†¬†¬†

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