Introducing Yotpo Subscriptions, the Easiest Way to Boost Retention

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Introducing Yotpo Subscriptions, the Easiest Way to Boost Retention

We’re making subscriptions easy for merchants and customers alike. 



Today is a big day for us at Yotpo. So many people have worked so hard to make something truly great for our eCommerce brands, and now we can finally share it with you all. I’m so excited to introduce our newest product, Yotpo Subscriptions — a subscription management solution, built for Shopify brands, that makes it easy to grow recurring revenue.

This isn’t just a solution to manage your subscriptions. What we’re really excited about is that we’re building a product that supports you in driving subscription growth, and we’re doing it in a smart, streamlined way that makes it all easy.

Growth is at the core of every solution we provide, so when it came to product subscriptions, we knew we had a lot to bring to the table for brands.

We understand that a poor subscription management customer experience impacts not only your bottom line, but clogs up your customer service agents. We understand that every minute matters when it comes to migration. We understand that a solution needs to work seamlessly with your marketing tools to effectively reach and communicate with your customers.

We’re taking our decade of eCommerce knowledge and using it to evolve the subscriptions landscape. Simply put, we’re making subscriptions easy for merchants and customers alike. 

We have even bigger dreams for taking subscriptions to new places, too.

At Yotpo, we are champions for retention, and our goal is to offer innovative, connected solutions that work together to bring customers back to buy again and again. So naturally, we saw Subscriptions as a piece of the puzzle that will work in lockstep with every solution we offer to provide the best repurchase experience for consumers.

So for example, in the very near future, Reviews customers will be able to run a targeted campaign to all 5-star reviewers offering them an incentive to subscribe, while brands using SMSBump will be able to personalize their outreach to promote subscriptions. And let’s not forget our gold standard for retention, loyalty. Soon brands will be able to motivate customers to commit to products by rewarding them for subscribing.

Bringing subscriptions onto our platform allows us to tie it all together and make it seamless, so you can earn that ultimate customer commitment.

As of today, Yotpo Subscriptions is available for small businesses on the Shopify marketplace. We want to make it easy for smaller brands to accelerate their growth, so it was important to us that the product be self-installation and free to start with no monthly fees. Plus, brands will only pay 1% of their total subscription transactions after making $500 in sales each month.

While we’re focused on small businesses today, this is just the beginning.

We know that the best tools are self-sustaining, meaning they’re easy to download, navigate, set up, and use, so that has been our initial focus. But we also have an exciting roadmap planned, with many features that will support the requirements of our larger customers, including enhanced analytics, cross-product synergies, and more. 

We know you’re excited so we’ll keep you updated as we continue to enrich our solution. If you’d like to be notified when Yotpo Subscriptions is ready for your businessclick here to be added to the waitlist.


Ready to get started? Click here to add Yotpo Subscriptions to your store.



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