Make the Black Friday frenzy last for a lifetime 🔥

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Make the Black Friday frenzy last for a lifetime 🔥


Your fast track to conquering BFCM at every turn!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about pushing new shoppers through those digital doors, but if you invest in customer retention, you can ride that wave all year long. We’ve got the Black Friday marketing strategies you need to convert and hook customers this shopping season.



With a wide range of practical resources for all phases of BFCM (Before, During, and After), this hub will help you put a strong retention strategy in place, piggybacking on this event and prolonging your success even after BFCM ends! 🔥



We've got the retention solutions you need, at an exclusive price. Add Yotpo SMSBump, Loyalty, Reviews, or Visual UGC before BFCM and get $500 or more off annual plans here!



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