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SMS and Email | All Product Updates from Retain Forward

Shoppers are now navigating multiple channels in the course of their journey while demanding that brands follow and deliver personalized engagements at every step.

How can anyone possibly keep track of where they’re going next to successfully target them? Email joins SMS as a powerhouse for customer retention.

With Yotpo SMS and Email, you can create the kind of multichannel experiences that foster stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers. See how these products can help you:



Save time & send smarter SMS campaigns with AI 



Got writer’s block? You’ll never get stuck on copy again with our new AI Copy Assistant. All you need to do is define your campaign criteria, choose your favorite, schedule, and send.


Create powerful, personalized engagements without extra time or resources.


Easily access the AI Copy Assistant from the SMS Campaign Composer. Identify your topic for the campaign. Are you promoting a new product? Giving a special offer?

Enter any specific keywords you want included in the message. Define your tone of voice, or whether you want to offer a discount. You can even define the urgency of the message.

Click Generate and let your AI assistant get to work! In a matter of seconds, you’ll be presented with the top 3 campaign copy recommendations.


Expertly target your VIPs with ease



Our loyalty campaign templates were created with your loyalty program goals in mind, from reminding customers to redeem points to encouraging non-loyalty members to opt-in. 


Condition any SMS or email flow based on 17 loyalty data points and choose from 14 loyalty shortcodes to treat high-value customers to the exclusive experiences they crave.


Loading a template automatically pulls in the right audience, saving you time.

Everything is pre-built and ready to enable for your convenience, including our loyalty flows for SMS and email, so you can automatically engage your customers at key milestones in the loyalty journey, like when they enter a new VIP tier or have enough points to redeem.


Bring SMS & email together in one campaign view



The Campaign Portal is your one-stop-shop for SMS and email engagements. From campaign discovery to creation, management, and performance tracking, you can do it all in one place to maximize revenue from both channels.


Already have a particular campaign in mind? Easily create one from scratch, starting by defining which channel to engage your customers on.


In the Campaign Portal you’ll find personalized campaign recommendations for every marketing opportunity to help maximize revenue from both channels, prebuilt copy suggestions, expected ROI, and ready-to-use customers’ segments.


Design emails that encourage loyalty program participation


Our intuitive and easy-to-use email editor enables you to create eye-catching emails that perfectly match your brand’s look and feel in just a few clicks.

You can customize these from scratch or get inspiration from any of over 300 ready-to-use templates, and easily apply your defined brand kit to make any design your own.

You can also add engaging elements in seconds with our Content Gallery, packed with top-converting banners, headers, and footers to help you design revenue-driving emails faster. 


Use Loyalty Personalization to design targeted emails for VIPs



Boost program participation and loyalty opt-ins with every email, without the need for segmentation or manually creating versions of the same campaign.

Just drag and drop the Loyalty Banner in any email and customize the banner you want each segment to see. We’ll do the rest — dynamically showing each subscriber the banner that matches their real-time loyalty status and points balance. Not a member? No problem, we’ll remind every non-loyalty member (especially if they already have points!) to join today.


Boost email conversion with powerful social proof



Did you know that 58% of customers who already know your brand will STILL read 3-5 reviews before making a purchase?


We made it easier to boost conversion of every email by leveraging the social proof you’ve worked so hard to collect: your Customer Reviews. 


Hand-pick customer quotes to showcase in your emails via the Review Block, filtering by product and site reviews or searching for keywords to find exactly what you need to influence purchases. Fully customize the look and feel with engaging layouts for your highest converting emails yet.

But beautiful campaigns alone aren’t enough to retain customers – your emails should really make customers feel like you know them. Your loyalty members especially expect such level of personalization and special treatment that only connected solutions can provide.


To learn more, check out this article on email strategies & ways to build trust with reviews.


Unlock more email design tools with our exclusive Canva integration



With a simple click and drag, you can access Canva’s unlimited banner and graphic styles without ever leaving the email editor — no need to manually upload or create styles from scratch.

Our exclusive Canva integration unlocks even more tools for seamless email design at your fingertips. 

Do yourself a favor and save yourself some time by cutting out the manual uploading and creating Canva styles from scratch without ever leaving your email, or access your library of existing Canva designs at any time


Intrigued? Speak to an SMS & email specialist


“Switching to a multi-channel platform and communicating with our customers via SMS and email has driven so much more engagement with our loyalty program.” Phil Williams, Director of eCommerce & Growth Marketing at Chaser Brand

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