[Summer 2023] Yotpo Product Updates | Latest innovations & new features

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[Summer 2023] Yotpo Product Updates | Latest innovations & new features


We hope your August is off to a great start because we have some very exciting product updates to share with you! We’re talking Platform, SMS, Subscriptions, Loyalty & Referrals, AND Reviews updates 😇

⬇️ Get all details below, and don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section!


0Platform] The Retention Dashboard: One of our biggest announcements during Retain Forward 🚀, this release is for all Shopify merchants. The Retention Dashboard is the new ‘Home Base’ to evaluate your retention performance, visualize customer impact on retention, and act upon the most engaging experience to promote customer retention.


The Retention Dashboard data can help you:

  • Analyze your repeat customer rate at a glance
  • Visualize which segments are driving sales month over month
  • Understand the trends in purchasing behavior between segments and identify your biggest areas of opportunity
  • Engage customers throughout the retention funnel by acting on the most impactful campaigns that drive retention, thereby driving customer lifetime value forward




Click here to access the dashboard now! 


ySubscriptions & SMS] Subscriptions Data in SMS Segmentation: This synergy allows you to segment customers based on the products they are subscribed to and their subscription status. Subscription brands can retain and grow their subscribers by targeting relevant customers in their SMS campaigns.



tSubscriptions] New & Improved Analytics Pages: Yotpo's Subscription & Revenue page allows you to access essential metrics like ARR, MRR, revenue per time period, and subscription churn rate, while the dedicated Product Performance page provides insights into revenue per product, cancellations, and the distribution of cancellation reasons, resulting in improved data visibility, increased independence, and an enhanced user experience.


 Custom Questions Brand New UX: Create your own questions, or pick recommended ones relevant to their industry, then simply drag & drop them into their custom form. If you’d like to see this update in action, click the link! 


: You asked; we answered. Increase loyalty participation even more effectively. By adding a reminder to the Reward Received Flow, you can remind a customer when they have an unused redemption coupon and even include the unique coupon code in this reminder text or email. 




And, we have four new integrations to share: Easily trigger SMS & Email communications based on third-party events from Aftership, Wonderment, Lateshipment & Gatsby! Personalize your SMS & Email marketing with flows based on order shipped, order delayed, and more, or trigger messages when a user mentions your brand on Instagram or TikTok.

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