The Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Commerce

The Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Commerce

The Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Commerce is your all-in-one playbook to mobile commerce success, featuring recommendations from leaders in the industry on mobile optimization, top-performing mobile marketing strategies, and channels to invest in to drive revenue and retention.


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What’s covered?


  • Developing a Mobile Commerce Strategy for Long-Term Growth

    • The opening chapter, courtesy of The Maze Group, serves as an introduction to mobile commerce and offers brands comprehensive advice on assessing and optimizing their mobile commerce strategy. It addresses:

      • What mobile commerce is and why mobile optimization matters

      • Top tricks for an optimized mobile experience

      • How to identify opportunities to improve the experience to keep consumers engaged, spending, and ultimately achieve long-term success in a mobile-first world

  • Becoming a Mobile-First Brand: Key Areas to Focus On to Stay Competitive

    • The second chapter dives deeper into some fundamental optimization strategies, including:

      • Creating personalized experiences that engage mobile consumers and bridge the gap between online and offline - Justuno

      • Mobile payments, from digital wallets to “Buy Now, Pay Later” services, that brands must offer in response to the rise in mobile shopping - Square

      • Customer support designed for the mobile consumer - Gorgias

  • The Mobile Channels Brands Need to Invest in

    • The third chapter highlights the most critical marketing channels brands need to succeed at engaging and driving revenue from mobile consumers, including:

      • Email - Listrak

      • SMS - Yotpo

      • Mobile apps - Tapcart

      • Mobile advertising - AdRoll

  • The Future of Mobile Commerce

    • The Maze Group wraps up with some closing predictions — What does the future of mobile commerce look like? What trends are we seeing now, and how will it continue to evolve? We give brands an idea of what they can expect.

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