💖 Fall in love with our Community members’ St. Valentine's campaigns

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Love is still in the air and we can’t miss this opportunity to share with you some of the amazing St. Valentine's Day campaigns created by our fellow Community members!  




Fresh Roasted Coffee


With a passion for bringing gourmet coffees from all over the world, roasted fresh to order in eco-friendly Loring™ Smart Roasters, Fresh Roasted Coffee is committed to quality, service, integrity, approachability, and sustainability. 


A love story told by Fresh Roasted Coffee: 

Are you guilty of loving a cheeky social media campaign? We are and we can’t get enough of Fresh Roasted Coffee's Instagram videos:


Why we love this idea: 

The video production is simply gorgeous and captures in a perfect way the essence of the brand and the sweet mood of the holiday. We know how much effort goes into creating stunning content for social media, so huge congrats to @John from FRC and the talented people at Fresh Roasted Coffee! 




Art of Tea


The seeds that formed the foundation of Art of Tea were first planted in 1996 when Steve Schwartz began his journey of extensive study in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, Art of Tea has become a leading purveyor of organic and specialty teas.


A love story told by Art of Tea: 

The Outlander™ Collection is a limited-release artisanal tea bundle created in partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Sony Pictures Television. These blends perfectly complement one another, just like Claire and Jamie.


Why we love this idea: 

In the world of eCommerce, the greatest love stories are all about an amazing product and excellent communication. And the Art of Tea is capturing customers’ hearts and testimonials with their special blend dedicated to the Outlander™ series and the Yotpo Reviews widget. Keep up the good work, Devika Kelly @devika and Hanna Houglum @hmhouglum




Dune Jewelry 


Dune Jewelry & Co. is a small business that celebrates important memories by capturing them in tangible reminders that last a lifetime. They create handcrafted jewelry and accessories using sand and earth elements from thousands of iconic locations around the globe.


A love story told by Dune Jewelry:

  • On Valentine's Day, they opened their hearts and office in central Massachusetts for gift pickup. 

  • On their website, they curated a landing page with a holiday-themed Love collection.  

  • They added a sweet reminder about their gift cards for customers who are running late on their holiday planning. 


Why we love this idea: 

The Valentine's Day Gift Shop is a lovely example of how sometimes brands just need to be there for their customers. Building trust and customer loyalty start with being trustworthy and performing consistently well on the right occasions. So, shout out to Lauren Behning @laurenb and her team for making St. Valentine’s Day a stress-free experience for their customers! 






Koala is an Australian brand that designs products that suit their customers' lifestyles and do wonders for the planet. They are keen on overhauling the industry’s nastiest practices, like overpricing, showrooms, and fast furniture, and replacing them with sustainable, ethical, and hassle-free solutions that are just one click away.


A love story told by Koala: 

  • They created a dedicated sale on their website for the best-selling products.

  • Added a strong and straightforward FOMO call to action for their customers.

  • Promoted the offer on social media with fun and highly relatable, holiday-themed publications.  


Why we love this idea: 

An evergreen recipe for success - combine attractive offers around a major holiday and use your channels for raising awareness and generating leads. And don’t forget the secret ingredient - a pinch of humor! @sarah, you and your teammates clearly understood the assignment: 

  1. Sizzling hot babes waiting for you over at koala.com 😈

  2. Our Organic Cotton linen range + Koala Pillow make us believe in love again 😍

  3. Let's skip the spicy marg/pineapple on pizza chat and get straight to the discount. 



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Hey, Community! 💖

Did you enjoy these examples? Share with us which one captured your heart, or take our breath away by sharing a Love Story by your brand!

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So many awesome campaigns, well done to our amazing members!! 😍


So many awesome campaigns, well done to our amazing members!! 😍

Hey, Community! 💖

Did you enjoy these examples? Share with us which one captured your heart, or take our breath away by sharing a Love Story by your brand!


Run a Valentine's-themed giveaway or contest where community members can participate and have a chance to win prizes related to love and romance. This could involve asking them to share their love stories or submit creative entries based on a specific theme. Make sure to promote the contest or giveaway through your social media channels and engage with participants. Create a collaborative Valentine's Day playlist where community members can contribute their favorite romantic songs. This can be done through a collaborative playlist on a music streaming platform or by asking community members to submit their song suggestions. Share the final playlist with the community and create a dedicated social media post or blog article about it.