We're here to help: What is visual curation, and how do you use it with Yotpo Reviews?

We're here to help: What is visual curation, and how do you use it with Yotpo Reviews?
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We’re so glad you asked! User-generated content (UGC) and visual user-generated content (VUGC) are now table stakes tool in the world of eCommerce, and UGC sourced from Instagram can help establish brand trust with first-time shoppers and repeat customers alike. More than half of all Gen Z (58%) and Millenial (56%) shoppers have made a purchase based on social media. 


Here is how to use Instagram with Yotpo Reviews:


Note: Sourcing UGC and VUGC from Instagram is a feature available to all Yotpo Review customers, BUT there are two requirements to check off:


  1. Make sure you have a Business account on Instagram 
  2. Make sure your Instagram is connected to your Facebook account


Connecting your Instagram account to Yotpo


You're now ready to connect your Instagram account to Yotpo.

To connect to Yotpo:

  1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.
  2. Click the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. On the left, select Social Accounts.
  5. Next to Facebook, click Connect. You'll be prompted to log into your Facebook account.
  6. Authorize Facebook by clicking OK


If you need additional support to create an Instagram Business account or making sure that account is connected to Facebook, check out our Support article.


Now you’re ready for visual curation!


Visual Curation is your all-in-one workspace for moderating and curating user-generated visuals from reviews, Instagram, and on-site uploads and showcasing them across your site and product pages with just a few clicks!
In this article, you'll learn how to collect, moderate, create, and showcase your media on your store.


How it works

You can do the following in the Visual Curation area of Visual UGC:

  • Collect visual content from reviews, Instagram, and on-site uploads
  • Moderate visual content and ask for permission
  • Add visual content to custom albums
  • Add and tag photos to product albums
  • Create Custom Galleries to showcase your custom albums across your site
  • Create a Product Gallery and add it to your product page template to showcase product albums on your store's product pages

Visual Curation allows you to moderate content from three sources: 

  • Instagram
    • Photos and videos shared by shoppers on Instagram.
  • Reviews
    • Photos submitted along with reviews.
    • Tag products in photos in order to automatically display them in Product Galleries on your product pages.
  • Uploaded
    • Videos and photos uploaded by shoppers through your on-site galleries.


💡How to visually curate


Start curating your images from the Yotpo Visual UGC page: https://visual.yotpo.com/ 

To add/tag products, do the following: 


1. Click the tag button in an image. 

2. Search for a product to tag. Use the All Products tab to search all products, or use the Suggestions tab to view suggestions provided by advanced image recognition technology. 

3. Click a product to tag it. To enlarge the image, just hover over it. 

4. Click Done. 


Note: You can tag a maximum of 8 products to each photo. You can learn more here: https://support.yotpo.com/en/article/adding-products-to-a-product-album


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This tutorial is fantastic! Its systematic approach simplifies product tagging within cursed cryptid images, transforming a potentially daunting task into a breeze. The inclusion of advanced image recognition technology suggestions is a true game-changer, streamlining the tagging process and ensuring accuracy. It's a hands-on guide that's both accessible and efficient for e-commerce enthusiasts and professionals alike. Kudos to the creators for this invaluable resource! 🛍️🙌 


Visual curation entails selecting and arranging visual content to craft a compelling narrative. When combined with Yotpo Reviews, it enables businesses to display user-generated photos alongside customer feedback. This blend offers an authentic portrayal of products, fostering trust and influencing purchase decisions. Leveraging visual curation with Yotpo Reviews allows brands to effectively convey the value and quality of their offerings to potential customers, especially when considering Cash Machine 777 Download APK.