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💡 Subscriptions Tips & Tricks

💡 Subscriptions Tips & Tricks
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Hey, everyone! 

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Tip #1 | How To Get More Subscribers



One of the easiest ways is to offer more of your products on a subscription basis. We recommend offering subscriptions on your best-selling products and products your customers purchase frequently. 

What are the benefits: 
🎆 Increase conversion from more product pages.
👀 Increase awareness of your subscription offerings. 
📈 Turn more one-time purchases into recurring revenue.


💡 Learn how to offer more subscription products in your store. 

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Tip #2 | Meet your customers where they are

with personalized messaging


This week our tip is from the 16 Strategies to Grow Your Subscribers the Right Way eBook, chapter 1 - Convert one-time shoppers to subscribers📔 

Use Yotpo SMSBump to educate your customers about the benefits of becoming subscribers - let them know that they can subscribe to a product they loved in the past. Remember to add a link to their favorite product. 💡 With just a few clicks from the comfort of their mobile device, they can become subscribers.



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Tip #3 | Activate upsell opportunities and boost your AOV



Increasing your Average Order Value is a great way to maximize revenue without spending more money on marketing and sales costs. 


Boost your AOV by allowing subscribers to add additional subscription products to their upcoming delivery cycle without having to go through the checkout process. 

This eliminates the friction of the checkout process and simplifies the delivery process for your subscribers, who can now expect their newly added products in their next renewal delivery. 


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Tip #4 | Offer your customers a consistent brand experience


As with any good story, a strong brand narrative establishes a sense of belonging in the consumer’s mind. Each interaction can potentially improve (or impair) both brand perception and business performance. 

And we have your back! Here are the 2 ways you can customize your Subscriptions page on your Shopify store: 

1. The Product Page Widget

Your first stop is the Product Page Widget. It is embedded across your store’s product pages, and displays the subscription options to your shoppers for all your subscription products. 


To provide a consistent subscription experience, the Product Page Widget look & feel applies to all relevant product pages, so you only need to set it once.

The Product Page Widget design is made up of 2 main settings:


🔖  Widget Layout & Display Names (there are 3 different layouts you can choose from):

  • Tiles layout 
  • Classic layout 
  • Minimal layout 



🎨  Widget Look & Feel:  You can fully customize the widget fonts and colors to match your brand. Best practice is to use your brand’s colors and fonts. 


2. Customer Portal appearance

The Customer Portal is hosted by Yotpo Subscriptions and allows customers to view, track, or make changes to their subscription anytime, with no effort to you.

Each subscription order is embedded inside the Customer Portal via the Customer Portal Widget, and allows customers to take quick actions to manage & update their subscriptions. 



The Customer Portal Widget design is made up of 2 main settings:

🔖  Widget Layout & Display Names: 

  • Layout: You can set the alignment of the widget to the left or the right or left of the Customer Portal. 
  • Display Names: The Display Names allow you to customize the title of your Customer Portal, and the different labels customers will see for the subscriptions delivery and pricing information. 


🎨  Widget Look & Feel: 
You can fully customize the widget fonts and colors to match your brand.

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Tip #5 | How to keep customers from churning


Statistics show that the 3 most important reasons customers subscribe are personalized experience 💅🏼, convenience 📬, and value for money 💰. The most successful subscription programs show subscribers that they value their relationship with discounts, perks, loyalty programs just for subscribers, and personalized marketing campaigns.

This might seem overwhelming, especially in the initial stage of building a solid Subscription program. So take your first step by putting your customers in control:

  • Allow them to control their orders by building a passwordless subscription management portal and customizable subscription options. 
  • Give your customers the ability to skip their upcoming orders or change the frequency of their subscriptions.
  • Empower your customers to manage their subscriptions without needing to reach out to your customer service. Make sure that you have an FAQ section and that each step they need to take is well explained. 
  • Offer free shipping (with a minimum threshold) for subscription items. If you’re worried about margins, bake the shipping overhead into the product price points. This way, you can make your most loyal customers feel like they benefit from every renewal. 


Be on the lookout for our next tips & tricks. We will share some creative ideas for combining Loyalty programs and SMS marketing💡

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Tip #6 | What products should you add to your subscription

Thinking of revamping your Subscriptions in 2023 or introducing this program to your customers? This tip is just for you! 


📬 There are 3 models you can consider when creating your Subscriptions plan and choosing which products to use:

  • If the products you offer are regularly consumed items like hand soap or paper clips, you will want to use the replenish model.
  • If you can expertly curate a specific niche or your customer base prefers to discover new items, you should consider the curation model.
  • And if you have high-end products or customers that thrive on exclusivity, the access model is right for you.


Now, here are some questions to help you when choosing your Subscriptions products: 


Get into your customer's shoes:

Are they single or married? What kind of car do they drive? Where do they live? What kind of magazines do they read? What kind of television shows do they watch? What are their other interests?

Dig into the minds of your customers to see what they may be looking for that you can provide. Perhaps your customers are busy parents who could use the convenience of a replenish subscription.


Look around you: 

Look at other businesses in your field that have subscription services. What can you offer that will set you apart from them? Can you provide more functionality, style, a wider selection, or customization than others in your niche?  Are your items organic, environmentally friendly, or made locally? Can you promise a fast turnaround, free shipping, or a free gift with each purchase?


⭐️ Have a good look at your products: 

Look at your current sales and see which products are the most popular and which products customers make repeat purchases of. Look at your reviews and feedback to find ideas for what your customers would appreciate in a subscription service.