Yotpo Subscription - Initial Deposit Error

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Hey guys, just installed the Yotpo Subscription service on my Shopify Venue theme and so far so good on the back end of things!

My only issue is that it now shows on the products page a “Initial Deposit” choice which doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s a screenshot.





How do I get rid of this? This doesn’t seem to make sense to me. The subscribe button below all of that works, but why is this “Initial Deposit” choice showing up?

Any help would be great because this looks very “scamm-y” to me lol.

Shopify 2.0

Theme: Venue

App Embed: Enabled

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@Hannah B @Judith from Yotpo - can you help?

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Hey - checked on this internally - looks like this is actually not related to Yotpo Subscriptions, it might be leftovers from a past solution. Either way, you can open a ticket and our team will be happy to remove it for you!

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@Chrishaglerr circling back to your question. Have you tried reaching out to the Shopify support team? 

Since we don't handle the actual transactions, this is something that it’s an error on the Shopify end. Have you tried to turn it off? It will disappear, however, if you use it on the one-time products, there is no way for us to remove it for Subscriptions products.


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