Appropriate timeline for switching to expiring points?

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I want to transition our loyalty program from points never expiring to expiring after 1 year of inactivity. Does anyone have any recommendations or insights on an appropriate timeline to transition? Also any recommendations on how to communicate the change would be appreciated! 




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Great question, @Sarah.PoppyBarley 😊

I believe that our Loyalty Strategists - @Miloni at Yotpo, @Roshelle at Yotpo & @kmckeever can share some insights. 💡 

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Yes - great question! The first thing you need to do when you change your expiration policy is to make sure you’ve updated in your terms & conditions or FAQ the new term for point expiration - this should happen immediately when you change the settings. 

In terms of communication for members - I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to announce to all members this change in a major marketing campaign unless you are simultaneously announcing additional changes to the program that will benefit the members (ex: new ways to use points, new benefits, etc.).

Take some time to build out in Email & SMS the triggers that will communicate “you points are about to expire”. You should have a series of messages starting 30 days before expiration. The series should create urgency and be constantly reminding customers (30,15 ,7 ,1 days before expiration) to hurry up and use the points before they lose them. 


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Thanks Katie! If I’m understanding this correctly, expiration for current members wouldn’t apply until September 2023? So any email triggers wouldn’t be triggered until 2023? 

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Correct - it seems far away, but I would suggest configuring the emails now so you don’t forget in 2023!