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I know we have the ability to capture video and pictures with our reviews. However, we can’t use any of them without a written consent from the member. Is it possible to include some sort of consent form within our review form to make this possible. Legally it’s not a good idea to rely on an implied use. Meaning by submitting they agree to it being used. We need our entire consent form linked and language that says that somewhere in the form before using any of their photos or videos on our website or elsewhere in our owned properties.





Best answer by erikakwee 7 July 2022, 21:50

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@erikakwee @Kristie from Yotpo are you able to help out this customer? :)

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Hi there! Most of our customers who run into this issue modify their review request form to link their terms of use (as you can see highlighted in red above). This is a helpful area to link to verbiage from your legal team related to the collection and use of UGC. This modification may require using the HTML editor.



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Thank you all. I will share this with my team.