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@kmckeever Thank you very much for your reply. I have received an email from you colleague. Unfortunately we are still getting the same ‘solution’ from you and that is that there is no solution and we need to hire a developer. And as I mentioned before we have asked several developers to build the integration but it is not that easy as it seems and it entails high costs that we have to incur. Therefore I asked earlier if you can share some other merchants that faced the same issue and have found a solution. You mentioned maca coffee But they don’t respond to us so that is no option. 


We are waiting a long time. We understand there is maybe no urgency for you to start developing the direct plugin because you have too little WP customers but we hope you understand that as your current customer it is very frustrating to facing this problem. When we were considering Yotpo we explicit asked about it and the answer was it is not difficult to do It's actually our fault now that we believed it right away and didn't look into it more deeply. But we would have appreciate a little more support from you even though we don't have an enterprise plan from you. In our view, the wishes of current customers are more important, no matter how big the customer is, then inventing new functions to get bigger. What could be more beautiful than seeing your 'smaller' customers grow thanks to your software? But that's our opinion. 


We also sent another email 2 weeks ago about another problem; the reviews on the category pages that are not displayed properly in our WP shop. Here we also simply got the answer: not possible, you have to find a developer. You can imagine that this is always very annoying to hear, since you pay for a software and expect good service to be provided.


Anyways, we are now searching for other softwares since we don't believe you are going to build a direct integration and we don't want to continue the frustrations.


Wishing you a wonderfull day!


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Hi everyone. I wanted to pass along a message from our product team on this topic. Unfortunately, for now, this is not on the roadmap. We are focused on integrating with other providers that the majority of our clients are using. 


You will be first to know if anything changes. Thanks and let us know if you have other questions. 

Hi there,

Indeed, you've pointed out an important feature gap that's commonly experienced by WooCommerce users. It's somewhat surprising considering the popularity and versatility of the platform. I can't speak for the developers, but I sure hope enhancements like this are part of their roadmap.

While we await these updates, I'd like to share that I've managed to work around this issue by using custom integrations, leveraging the WordPress API and Woo webhooks.

Specifically, I utilized a website called GigglyBaby - an Australian based e-commerce site that sells baby products. The site was able to achieve a similar functionality by creating a custom integration which helped them to bridge the gap.

I'd recommend reaching out to them or visiting their blog. They have detailed some of their processes in this regard and could provide some useful tips. Here's hoping that WooCommerce introduces these features soon!

All the best,