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Hello Yotpo Community:

We are using Yotpo Reviews on several public-facing websites.  Our privacy team recently flagged Yotpo as a technology that is performing data collection and should be blocked or removed from the page for visitors who opt out of data collection.  Any suggestions on how to do this?

We prefer not to remove Reviews from the web page entirely.  An API to turn off data collection for visitors who opt out would be ideal.  However, if that does not exist, we will need to explore removing Yotpo for visitors who decline consent.

This is a major issue in countries where GDPR applies, as you might imagine.




Best answer by Ruthie Berber 15 April 2022, 19:38

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Hi Christopher! Yotpo has been GDPR compliant since 2018, so it seems like there might be a misunderstanding. Either way, I checked to get your answer and the team here is meeting with you and your team on Tuesday so hopefully that’ll all be cleared up :)

Thanks for asking a question! Feel free to browse, ask, and answer anything on here - Ruthie