Yotpo SMS Bump VS Yotpo Product reviews


I am trying to resolve  a slow speed score on my shop and have been advised that I have too many apps.

I have to decide whether to keep Yotpo SMS Bump or Yotpo Product reviews.

Your thoughts please.



Best answer by Kristie from Yotpo 20 July 2022, 22:41

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Hey there Hopeford! Yotpo is dedicated to creating speed tested apps with a low impact to your online store. If you are seeing issues with your site speed, please reach out to our 24/7 Support Team so we can take a closer look at what's going on and help you resolve this issue. Thank you so much!


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Hi Hopeford! You’re eligible to be one of our early beta testers for our brand new Reviews widgets! We’ve heard customer feedback loud and clear, and we’re excited to release our new and enhanced widgets that include:

  • Improved Performance: ​​Enjoy lightning-fast load speed and faster Reviews data fetching thanks to a complete overhaul of the widget infrastructure to reduce the code burden on your website.

  • Visual Appeal: Our sleek, modern widgets were thoughtfully designed to deliver an intuitive user experience while also blending seamlessly into your site’s design. 

  • Easy Customization: Never worry about another line of code thanks to our new widget editor. Add or remove layout components and customize your fonts and colors in a breeze for a beautiful look and feel — without the heavy dev lift.

  • Enhanced SEO Capabilities: Stay top of mind and top of Google thanks to widgets that adhere to Google’s top requirements to make each of your reviews crawlable and optimized for search.

  • High Accessibility Standard (ADA-compliance): Through regular accessibility audits on our widget designs with Shopify-approved vendor Essential Accessibility, we ensure that our widgets are optimized for equal opportunity use when it comes to color contrast, area labels and tags, and much more. 

Please note that functionality will be limited in this early beta version of the widgets. Limitations are outlined in this deck.


How to get started

Please fill out this survey to confirm whether:

  • You are interested in joining the beta 

  • You’d like the Yotpo Taskforce to create a duplicate theme for you to preview changes before going live. 


Let me know if you have any questions!