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  • 8 June 2022
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How is Yotpo Subscriptions different from the other solutions out there?


Best answer by heather 8 June 2022, 19:49

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Hey there! I see this question popping up and it’s so good. 

We’re different in a few ways. The first is that we’ve made this super simple to set up, you can literally get up and running in 8 minutes with no code needed. This means a much smaller lift for merchants.

We also made it so your customers could access their accounts to make adjustments to their subscriptions on their own, freeing up the time you spend on support tickets. Our deeper integration with Shopify means all of your backend management is super streamlined, this also includes the checkout process, which is completely integrated so you have a smooth, branded checkout experience. 

Lastly the synergies we have within the Yotpo platform ensures you’re able to leverage Yotpo SMS Bump, Yotpo Loyalty and your other Yotpo products to surface and grow subscribers in a way that’s not possible with other platforms. 

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@daveb I think we should also mention our competitive pricing. No other recurring payment provider comes close to our billing model. The first $500 in revenue EACH MONTH is free.