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How do I book a room?

You can request a room through a super quick online form – one for Tel Aviv and one for NYC. Simply choose your preferred day and time, and how many people you want to bring. Then, our Facilities Team will reach out to confirm your booking, and provide you with information on how to get into the building, transportation, and other important details.


When are rooms available?

Rooms are available on weekdays (Monday-Friday in NYC and Sunday-Thursday in Tel Aviv) from 9:00am-5:00pm.


How far in advance should I book?

We need to give our facilities team time to arrange everything with the building, so we ask that you request a room at least a full business day before you plan to arrive. 


Where are your offices located?

NYC: 233 Spring Street, 6th floor, New York, NY 10013

Tel Aviv: HaMasger St 35, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Why are you offering this to customers? 

We consider ourselves to be an extension of your team, and we’re committed to your success. So whether you need space for uninterrupted work, meetings, travel, or just a change of scenery, you can consider Yotpo your home away from home. 


What type of workspace is it?

You will have all-day access to one of our conference rooms, where you can take private calls, host meetings, or just work in a quiet environment.


What amenities do the offices have?

Our conference rooms are equipped with video conferencing, and you’ll find a QR code in each one that will connect you to Wi-Fi. You’ll have access to printing, faxing, and office supplies should you need it. And we invite you to help yourself to anything in our fully stocked kitchen, including coffee and snacks (both healthy and unhealthy). 


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We’re so excited to host you!

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