Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine

Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine
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Yotpo’s launch of the new Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine empowers brands to launch loyalty programs built on unified customer data and craft engaging, differentiated experiences. This release enables Shopify merchants to better understand their customers, engage with empathy, and optimize customer experiences. 





What is enhanced segmentation?


Our enhanced segmentation engine enables marketers to segment audiences effectively to build customer-centric loyalty programs that consider current customer behaviors and motivate desirable actions. You wouldn’t treat one-time shoppers the same as repeat purchasers, so why would your loyalty program?

Brands can leverage our segmentation engine in just two steps:

Create high-impact segments

Using connected data like purchase behavior, engagement behavior, cross-marketing campaign insights, and predictive analytics, our Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine allows brands to leverage predefined audiences or build their own. These predefined segments pull merchant data directly from Shopify, Yotpo SMSBump, Yotpo Reviews, Yotpo Loyalty and other sources to identify audiences like Top Spenders, Winback Customers, and Points Soon to Expire.

With our Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine, brands can use their data to create segments, understand specific audiences, and effectively target shoppers to catalyze desirable behavioral change.

Target segments to motivate ROI-driving behavior

After creating your desired segments, effectively target customer audiences. With our Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine, you can engage one-time shoppers with retention-focused campaigns such as a punch card campaign and get them to their next milestone, like a higher VIP tier. Then, send a Goal Spend Campaign to repeat purchases to increase their AOV.

Additionally, brands can target segments based on predictive data specific to your brand with our advanced AI. Key into customers at risk of churning or those ready to make a purchase at the right time with the right message.

With our Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine, you turn buyer data into an ROI-driving pipeline.



Our Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine in action


With business-specific segments and data, your brand can engage loyalty members effectively and at the most impactful time.

Here are just a few examples of the segments you can target:

  • Target loyalty members who have less than 200 points that will expire in the next three months with a double points campaign
  • Target shoppers who have not purchased in the last 30 days but have purchased in the past year with a punch card campaign
  • Segment customers who left a low rating on their last review, then offer them bonus points to re-engage them to make another purchase.
  • Choose VIP tier shoppers who have left more than one product review, then target them with messages encouraging them to refer their friends.
  • Segment based on VIP tier and send high-impact SMS messages accordingly


Are you ready ditch the “one-size-fits-all” approach and create campaigns that convert with Yotpo’s Enhanced Loyalty Segmentation Engine?

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