Yotpo Loyalty’s New Admin Experience (Gradual Rollout Plan)!

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Hi everyone! Roshelle from Yotpo here :)

We have made some exciting improvements to our Loyalty & Referrals admin! With Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals' recent updates, it is now easier to manage the different aspects of your loyalty program.


New admin pages are gradually being rolled out to all Shopify brands. In the meantime, you may experience a hybrid experience and see a mix of old and new pages. Please see below for more details on what has changed and what's coming!


New Pages Live:

  • Earning Rules
    • Points for purchases
    • Social rules: Page visit, Facebook share, Instagram follow, Twitter follow, Tweet about us, Retweet
    • Create account
    • Birthday rule
  • Rewards
    • Create reward
      • Cash discount
  • Settings
    • Import points

Upcoming releases Q3 & Q4 2022:

  • Program page

  • Referral program page

  • New onboarding flow


Here is a detailed explanation of the new pages already released to all Shopify brands:


Earning Rules

  1. New Earning Rule Page (Support Article: Earning Rules Overview)

This modal consists of the list of earning rules (previously called campaigns) available for the brands to add to their loyalty program. It replaces the legacy page and improves on it by grouping earning rules into categories.

What did we change? The cluttered campaigns page has been replaced by a modern pop-up with an easy to navigate list of earning rules


Earning rule types are now grouped into the following categories to improve order and clarity:

  • Purchases

  • Account

  • Social

  • Yotpo Reviews

  • Advanced


  1. Points for purchases (Support Article: Setting Up a Points for Purchases Earning Rule)

What did we change? Points for purchases is the most important building block of most loyalty programs. Therefore, we have removed unused fields and reorganized the screen to be clearer to understand and faster to set up.



  1. Social Earning Rules: 

Support Articles:

What are social earning rules?

These are ways for brands to reward customers with points for engaging with their brand on social media. Some of these earning rules are specific to a social network, but Page visit can be used to encourage customers to visit any website page - TikTok, Pinterest, blog, etc.


What did we change?

We have hidden unnecessary and confusing fields from the UI to provide a simple and intuitive way to activate social earning rules. 

Important to note that these fields will continue to be supported in the backend for brands who are using them:

  • Coupon reward

  • Maximum times completed total

  • Minimum actions required

  • Restrict to VIP tiers


  1. Create an Account

Create account is one of our most popular earning rules. Most brands use it to reward customers with points when they create an account on the eCommerce platform and join the loyalty program. Some brands reward their customers with a discount reward to incentivize making a purchase. 

What did we change?

This earning rule includes brand new functionality that allows creating a direct discount reward from within the earning rule itself.

  • Brands can now define direct rewards from the rule settings page. Previously, the brand would have to go to the Rewards page in the admin, create a direct reward, then create the campaign and select the reward they have created. Now the entire flow can be done in one page. 



  1. Birthday Rule

Brands use this earning rule to reward their customers annually on their birthday. This is a great way to increase the emotional connection with the brand and to bring customers back to the store and drive them to make a purchase. 




What did we change?

The new birthday reward earning rule allows the user to define and create a direct discount reward from within the rule settings page, without having to navigate to a different page.


Important to note that we have added a toggle for fraud prevention, instead of the old fraud prevention message field. This allows brands to easily activate/deactivate birthday reward fraud prevention. The message displayed to the customer can be customized in the Earning Points module (or Earning Points section of the rewards page).





  1. Create a Reward 

​​​​​​​Support Articles:

What did we change?

Simple and easy-to-use new UX with improved functionality to create a new reward.

The release includes:

  • New screen for all redeemable rewards

  • Updated setup screen for fixed amount & variable redemptions

  • Removing the redeemable coupons section from the existing rewards setup screen



  1. Cash discount UX -New! (Support Article: Creating a Redeemable Cash Discount Reward)

What did we do?

Created a new page for all redeemable rewards and a new and improved setup flow for Cash Discounts (fixed amount and any amount discount options). 




  1. Import Points (Support Article: Importing & Exporting Points & Customers)

This feature offers them an easy, quick, and self-service way to import this data into our system. 

How does it work?

Brands can now import customers' data within 3 easy steps:

1. Upload CSV file - we provide the template

2. Write reason to display to their customers

3. Click "Import"


New Enhancements 

1. Automatic Validations - to ensure data integrity

2. Progress Bar - to provide the brand with visibility and confidence

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