AMA: Experts from Dr. Squatch & Bubble Skincare on Retention Challenges

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Emma Richard, Senior Data Analyst at Dr. Squatch, and Emma Standing, Director of eCommerce & Customer Experience at Bubble Skincare, experience retention challenges just like the rest of us. 


They provided their expert opinions at our Retain Forward event, but they’re also here to answer your questions directly! Ask them anything about measuring, driving, or leveling up retention here for a limited time 👇🏼

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We are mostly looking at repeat purchase rate for measuring retention. What else should we be focused on?

Hi @adamlong - great question! Here are some other metrics that can be helpful to track:

  • Churn: This is the inverse of retention, and is especially important for subscription offerings. This metric shows, “What % of subscribers cancelled their subscriptions in a given period?” Therefore, everyone who has churned was not retained.
  • Avg. Order Value (AOV): This can be helpful to layer on top of repeat purchase rate. It allows you to understand, “How much do customers tend to spend on each order?” A lower repurchase rate might be counterbalanced by customers spending more each time they do purchase.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): This metric is helpful for understanding the average value of each customer, and therefore can show the value of retaining customers. It answers the question, “How much value does each customer provide in their journey purchasing with us?”