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The Collagen Co Keeps More Than 50% of Customers Coming Back With Yotpo

The Collagen Co Keeps More Than 50% of Customers Coming Back With Yotpo
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After a previous venture selling ready-to-drink protein water in Australian gyms, Co-Founder Izaak Woodley set out to supply the AU market with the highest quality ingestible collagen. Today, The Collagen Co helps thousands of Australian customers achieve transformative results through its great tasting, easily accessible collagen products.




  • The Collagen Co has faced market challenges like supply chain disruptions, cost increases, and more.
  • The brand experienced diminishing returns due to advertising and privacy changes.
  • In order to survive and grow, the brand knew they couldn't rely on a single method to reach and engage customers.

Like many eCommerce brands over the past two years, The Collagen Co has struggled with issues like supply chain disruptions, cost increases, and staying positive in difficult times. But more recently, the challenge has been online. “Even before iOS updates, the changes in the advertising and privacy landscape have led to diminishing returns across all social channels, which were previously our biggest drivers of business,” says Woodley.



“Now, for a business to survive and thrive, you can no longer rely on one method to reach and engage customers,” says Woodley. “To stand out in a crowded eCommerce landscape, you need to bring customers in, as well as nurture them to their fullest potential, maximizing their CLTV.”

The Collagen Co needed to find a way to acquire new customers, but also keep those people coming back.




  • Since partnering with Yotpo, the platform has been integral in helping the brand acquire and retain customers.
  • The brand builds trust and credibility with reviews and maximizes reach with SMS review requests.
  • The brand has been able to engage their customers through SMS and loyalty, turning first-time purchasers into repeat ones.
  • The Collagen Co benefits from Yotpo product synergies as well as their expansive tech stack integrations.

The Collagen Co partners with Yotpo and finds Reviews, UGC, Loyalty, and SMS — along with the cross-product synergies that exist between them — key to acquiring and retaining customers.

“Trust and credibility is a big part of the process. Seeing the amount of reviews and the high quality of them — yes, it has to do with our product, but you need to facilitate that process as well and Yotpo has been integral in that,” says Woodley, who sends both SMS and email review requests for maximum reach.

“We knew we needed new channels to outreach and engage customers, which is where SMS and loyalty come in,” explains Woodley. "We’re able to turn first-time customers into repeat purchasers by continuing to engage via our loyalty program and SMS — so it comes full circle.” Beyond benefiting from Yotpo’s synergies between products, like rewarding loyalty points for SMS sign ups and review submissions, the brand also takes advantage of integrations with partners like Shopify and Klaviyo. For example, using Yotpo SMSBump’s footer form, the brand is able to maximize subscriber collection by capturing both SMS and email together and sending the email subscriber data to Klaviyo in real time.



“The magical thing about Yotpo is that all of the tools we’re using integrate seamlessly with each other and the rest of our tech stack, which has allowed us to experiment with advanced segmentation and automation so we can personalize the customer experience," says Woodley.




Over half of Collagen Co customers have become repeat purchasers since integrating Yotpo’s retention marketing platform.

  • The Collagen Co has increased website CVR by 120% with Yotpo Reviews.
  • The brand’s revenue has grown 20% since implementing Yotpo SMSBump.
  • The Collagen Co has seen a 70% increase in AOV from loyalty members.

The results The Collagen Co saw from using the Yotpo platform speak for themselves.

“I’ve seen incredible results from each of Yotpo’s tools, but the headline is that since we started using the Yotpo platform, over 50% of our customers have become repeat purchasers,” says Woodley.

Additionally, the brand has seen a 13.7% increase in conversion for site visitors who have interacted with the Yotpo Reviews widget, which is a 120% increase to their baseline.

The Collagen Co has also been able to drive more customers via SMS, engaging them consistently with sales, key marketing dates, loyalty double points days, and more, while maintaining low unsubscribe rates (0.63%). Yotpo SMSBump contributes 20% growth in revenue with 79x ROI on triggered flows spanning across the customer journey from welcome flows, to loyalty flows, and Shopify notifications.

Engagement from the brand’s loyalty program has been strong, with an 11.5% participation rate, which is over 2x the industry standard.

“We’ve seen a 70% increase in AOV from loyalty members, with redeemers making 3.2x purchases on average compared to 1.48x from non-redeemers in a given time period,” says Woodley.

In just the last 90 days, the brand has generated 15% more reviews by having SMS review requests enabled as well as with the help of point incentives to motivate loyalty members.



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