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48% more likely to return to site after seeing UGC | How Leatherman educates & empowers customers with Yotpo

48% more likely to return to site after seeing UGC | How Leatherman educates & empowers customers with Yotpo
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American-made Leatherman is one of the most iconic brands for top-of-the-line outdoor gear. This is their story of how adopting Yotpo, helped them inherit a sense of responsibility to communicate more with their consumers.


🏭 INDUSTRY: Sports & Outdoors

🔌PLATFORM & INTEGRATIONS: Salesforce Commerce Cloud & DemandPDX

🛑 CHALLENGE: Enable shoppers to find the right products by displaying relevant reviews across the buyer journey
💡SOLUTION: A shoppable visual gallery and detailed reviews equipped with Custom Questions & Smart Filters

📈 RESULTS: 22,000+ reviews collected, 12% higher CTR on shoppable gallery, shoppers 48% more likely to return to the site after seeing UGC


🛑 Challenge

Leatherman products celebrate problem solvers, adventurers, and builders everywhere. Giving customers the tools (literally!) to get things done, and done well, is at the core of the brand. 

While their customer community connected with the Leatherman identity, the brand’s digital presence didn’t quite match up. The team needed to update their on-site experience to better express the brand’s unique personality. Luckily, they knew who could help: their customers.

Featuring customer content would easily prove their products’ top-notch value to new shoppers while also expressing the Leatherman personality. And, it was essential for the brand to not only collect reviews, but to also be able to understand why customers left the reviews they did. However, the first UGC solution Leatherman chose didn’t provide these advanced capabilities, and the team felt unsupported when they raised concerns.



When buying tools, it’s extremely beneficial to read other customers’ thoughts to gain insight into why exactly the customer bought the tools and how they worked — all while being able to see photos showing those tools in action.

Kristen Lutjen

Kristen Lutjen

Global Digital Marketing Manager


💡 Solution

Leatherman replaced their previous solutions with Yotpo’s fully customizable eCommerce marketing platform, seamlessly integrating with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and consolidating their tech stack.

The brand created a shoppable visual gallery on their homepage, featuring user-generated photos and videos from Instagram. Showcasing Leatherman tools in action captured the attention of new shoppers, driving them to product pages where they were able to see even more compelling social proof: reviews.

With Yotpo, Leatherman was able to start featuring hundreds of highly relevant customer reviews. By implementing the Custom Questions feature in their review requests, Leatherman prompts customers to leave specific information in their reviews, like “tool usage type” and “ease of use.” This, in turn, helps other shoppers more easily discover the best products for their needs.  

Leatherman additionally uses customizable Smart Filters widgets, so shoppers are able to filter reviews by their interests, like “fishing” or “hiking,” or by AI-powered Smart Topics extracted from reviews, like “comfort” and “quality.” Now, Leatherman’s reviews educate and empower their customers to make the most informed purchase decisions.



📈 Results

With Yotpo-powered social proof cohesively implemented throughout the website, Leatherman’s customers can more easily differentiate between the 45 different multi-tools, giving them the confidence to purchase the product best suited to their needs. Shoppers are 48% more likely to return to the site after seeing UGC.

The shoppable gallery on the homepage is not only beautiful to browse — it’s also helped Leatherman drive shoppers through the purchase funnel with an impressive 12% click-through rate. They’ve now collected over 22,000 reviews, and the on-site filtering capabilities empower customers to trust in their purchasing decisions. Shoppers who read reviews or browse images with Yotpo are 98% more likely to convert than those who don’t.

Post-purchase, shoppers are prompted to leave a review, creating a positive cycle that results in more engaged customers and valuable social proof. Leveraging this content across the website has helped Leatherman accurately capture the brand’s personality in their digital presence — now, when you visit the website and see customers front and center, you know Leatherman’s community is at the core of the brand


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