Adobe Commerce "Single Store Mode"

We were having an issue where we couldn’t get Yotpo configured in our Adobe Commerce/Magento v2.4.6 store & figured out it was due to it being set to “Single Store Mode”.   We opened a ticket with Yotpo support & they told us it was a known issue and it’s not currently supported but there was no timeline or information on if/when it would be fixed which is confusing because when searching for more information on this problem we found there to be many references to “Single Store Mode” within the official Yotpo extension & the functionality was even built into previous Magento releases so it looks like this was supported at some point.


So we just wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue & if they were able to figure out a solution that didn’t involve changing the store mode?   We have a lot of extensions & customizations so changing that store mode would require a considerable amount of testing & potentially development work if it were to break anything.

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