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  • 24 October 2022
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Not sure if your Yotpo Reviews account is set up correctly and sending out Reviews requests to your customers? Check out our short guide about the Automatic Reviews Requests. 💡


The Automatic Reviews Request

📌 Automatic review requests are post-purchase emails or text messages that are used to automatically collect site and/or product reviews from past shoppers. They are synced with orders placed through your store and are triggered to be sent several days (configurable) following order placement.


Where to find the Automatic Reviews request settings?


Go to your Reviews Requests Dashboard:

  1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.

  2. Select Collect Reviews > Review Requests Dashboard



📌 The Requests Dashboard shows you which review request emails were sent, opened, scheduled, or led to a review being submitted. You’ll also be able to quickly see which requests were not sent and identify the reason why.


Check the Review requests statuses. 

The Review requests can have any of the following statuses that indicate if your reviews requests are automatically sent to your customers:

  • Scheduled: The review request will be sent out according to your review request trigger settings.

  • Sent: A review request was sent to the shopper’s email address

  • Opened: The shopper opened the review request in their email application.

  • Reviewed: The shopper opened the review request and submitted a review.

  • Limit exceeded: A review request was not sent because you’ve reached your order quota for this month. 

  • Not sent: A review request was not sent for one or more of the following reasons:

- You added an email address to your blocklist

- The shopper already made a review of a product within the last 12 months

- The shopper received more than 5 emails from this email address within the last 30 days.

  • Stopped - A review request was not sent because you have automatic review requests turned off. Enable the toggle to send review requests.


If you already have orders older than 14 days, but don’t see any Reviews request, go to your Automatic Review Request settings and turn on the toggle.





Insights from our Insights from Yotpo's Reviews team 

📌 The most important and highly recommended settings for collecting more Reviews with the Automatic Review Request settings.


1. What’s the best timing to send automatic review requests? 

By default, automatic review requests are sent 14 days after an order is processed (you can modify the number of days at any time). But depending on the type of products you offer, a different timing might work better for you. 


2. Golden rule: Less is more!

Be reasonable when asking for a review. Too many messages with many call-to-actions can confuse and overwhelm your customers. You too won’t like such a spam-like experience.


3. When in doubt - ask your customer.

We found out that asking questions is great for getting more reviews. Including question marks in review request subject lines can lead to an average increase of 15.7%.


Here are some templates and more insights you can use when setting up your Reviews account: How to Ask Customers for Reviews: Best Practices and Templates. 💎

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💡 On the topic of the timing of the review requests from the: 


2. Send timely review requests 

Additionally, sending review requests in a timely manner or following up with your shoppers if you haven’t received a review from your first request can help encourage customers to complete a review. It’s important that you are asking for reviews after your product has been delivered, but not too late. In this case, keeping track of shipping and delivery and then adjusting the timelines that trigger your automatic review request flows can help with this.