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Hey everybody. Quick question. In the event you decide to terminate a subscription later on down the road and have gathered/earned x number of reviews does the “link” or number of google reviews you have obtained using this platform vanish as well?




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Hi @chaselinens ! Thanks so much for your question. 


Unfortunately, you will eventually lose Google Seller Ratings or stars in product listing ads. What you can do to preserve everything is switch to another provider that is a verified Google Partner. Does this help answer your question?

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 Hey there. Thank you for the response. It does. I know the 3dcart (Shift4Shop) platform does allow for Google product reviews on it’s site directly through their module but, it’s cumbersome to say the least. My hopes were that in the event we did have to discontinue service by a 3rd party provider that those reviews would not be lost forever. It does sound like that is in a way possible? As long as we have success gathering these reviews I do not see us needing to disco service but, still trying to account for as many possibilities as possible. Thanks again!