We're here to help: How to enable Google Rich Snippets

We're here to help: How to enable Google Rich Snippets
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We’re back answering some of your most frequently asked questions! Today we’ll be going over how to get Google Rich snippets up and running with Yotpo Reviews. Here’s everything you need to know:


How to enable Google Rich Snippets


Adding rich snippets automatically


NoteIf you have a paid plan, rich snippets will be automatically marked up via Yotpo Reviews widget that is installed on your product page.

The following details will be automatically added to your rich snippets:

  • Product name and description
  • Product image URL
  • Product price and currency
  • The number of reviews for the product
  • The average star rating for the product

You can view your rich snippets mark-up with Google's Rich Results Testing Tool and see a separate Product tab that only contains Yotpo's Automatic Mark-up:


Adding rich snippets manually

If you want to manually mark up your rich snippets, the enablement will depend on the platform your brand is using.


For Shopify users: 


This is a multi-step process:


💡 Step 1: Log into Yotpo Reviews

💡 Step 2: Click Social & Google > Google Rich Snippets

💡 Step 3: Turn on the toggle to activate Google Rich Snippets.

💡 Step 4: There are two available widget versions: Reviews Widget 2.0  and Reviews Widget 3.0. Choose the version installed on your site to find the code snippet you need. 


Refer to our Help Center for the Reviews-widget specific next steps.


For other platform users:

  • For Adobe Commerce users, you’ll want to follow the step-by-step process outlined here.
  • For other platform users, you’ll want to follow the step-by-step process outlined here.



Troubleshooting for enabling Google Rich Snippets

  • If you have marked up your page correctly and it shows the stars in the Google testing tool, keep in mind that you will need to wait approximately 24 hours for it to be indexed by Google.
  • Google makes algorithmic determinations on when and how to display results in the SERPs (search engine results page), including snippet information, based on a myriad of factors including the search terms, etc. Even if they are coded correctly, snippet inclusion in the SERPS is beyond Yotpo's direct control.
  • We would recommend focusing your efforts on making as unique and compelling a site as possible in order to increase the likelihood of your products reviews displaying in the Google search.
  • Manipulating or changing your aggregateRating markup may lead to Google penalizing your rich snippets results.

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