We’re here to help: How to import product reviews to Yotpo

We’re here to help: How to import product reviews to Yotpo
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The questions we get the most when it comes to product reviews are all about importing them from another reviews provider into Yotpo. So, we decided to post a round up of everything you need to know about importing reviews to Yotpo. 


2 simple steps to importing reviews


Step 1: Export your reviews from your current reviews provider

How you do this depends on which platform your store is hosted on:

  • Shopify: Follow the instructions in the Shopify Help Center,

  • BigCommerce: You can import reviews directly from the BigCommerce native reviews app. The import process is done via BigCommerce API, so there is no need to export or manually handle files. 

  • WooCommerce: Log into the Yotpo plugin within your Wordpress admin. Then, click Export Reviews in the bottom left hand corner of the Yotpo plugin. 

  • Volusion: From the header options, choose “Inventory,” then click on “Import/Export.” Click on “Standard Export” and choose to “Export from Reviews.” Then click “Check All,” choose "CSV" as the File Format, then click "Export."


Note: Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to export reviews.


Step 2: Import your reviews to Yotpo


There are two ways you can do this:

  • Through the Yotpo interface: Choose this option if your store is on Shopify, you’re on a Yotpo Free, Growth, or Prime plan, and you want to import product reviews you collected outside of Yotpo. 

💡 How to do it: Log into Yotpo Reviews, select “Manage Content,” and click “Import Reviews.” If you are importing reviews from a supported provider (Shopify Reviews, Loox, Judge.me, Okendo, Stamped.io, Junip, Feefo), you can upload your reviews file, and you’re done! If you’re importing from a different provider, you’ll need to add your reviews to this template and upload the file. 


  •  With Yotpo support: Choose this option if your store is not on Shopify, you’re on a Yotpo annual plan, and you want to import site reviews and/or answers to custom questions.

💡 How to do it: Add your reviews to this template and submit it through our online support form.



Troubleshooting for Importing Reviews

  • If you’re trying to import reviews through the Yotpo interface and your import fails, you’ll be given an option to download a report containing only the reviews that failed to upload, along with instructions on how to fix the errors. You can use the “Error” column to identify what caused the error and fix it. When you’re done save the file in CSV format and upload it again.

  • If you’re importing comments and images with your reviews, it can take up to three hours for them to show up. If you don't see them right away, please check back later.


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