Four SMS & Email Marketing Campaigns to Boost 4th of July Sales

Four SMS & Email Marketing Campaigns to Boost 4th of July Sales
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Summer is in full swing and July 4th is around the corner 😎

This guide will walk you through the steps of planning and executing powerful SMS & email campaigns that will skyrocket your sales this season! Let’s dive in. 


4th of July Essentials

You know how the planning of every great party in the history of great parties starts – you need to take care of the essentials first:

Campaign timeline:

  • June 21: Warm-up Campaign
  • June 24: Mass Campaign
  • July 1: Reminder Campaign
  • July 4: Last-chance Campaign

Theme: 4th of July (Independence Day)

Colors: Red, white, and blue 

Audience (guest list): All your SMS & email subscribers

Kick off the festivities with a warm-up email campaign

Date: June 21

With less than two weeks before the big day, it's time to kick off your 4th of July sales! Set the mood for joy and partying with some exciting summer deals.

Use email to introduce shoppers to your 4th of July sale or your brand new summer collection. After all, you know the prerequisites for the perfect party invitation – set a time and a place :) Add a patriotic vibe and a pinch of creativity to grab the attention of your subscribers and make your offer memorable.

Don’t go big on discounts just yet. Free shipping or a small gift voucher will do just fine for your warm-up campaign. 

4th of July SMS & Email marketing

💥 Email Template 1:

4th of July is coming up – are you ready?

Heather, snag some incredible deals from our Independence Day Sale and fill your cart with red, white, and blue! Use JULY4 at checkout for a special discount from us.

Shop Now

💥 Email Template 2:

Independence Day

Red, white, and a great deal of discounts are coming your way this 4th of July, Heather! Save big with our sitewide sale and get up to 15% off on all collections.

Shop Now



Use SMS & email to spread the word about your 4th-of-July sales

Date: June 24

4th of July is almost here and now is the best time to unleash your creativity and launch your most colorful and exciting campaigns so far. Use both SMS and email to ensure all your subscribers learn about your festive promos.

Consider launching a limited-time flash sale with massive discounts, a BOGO offer, or a special festive bundle. The goal is to provide your customers with everything they might need to host the perfect party this Independence Day. At a reasonable cost, of course. ;) 

For SMS: Help your holiday shoppers prepare for the upcoming festivities by sending them a brief and actionable text message with your 4th of July sales and discounts. Don’t forget to include your store’s name to make your message more personal and a link to your offers to help customers quickly browse through your products and choose easily, just in time for the big celebration. 

For email: Focus on your subject line as it can make all the difference between an average and a high-converting email campaign. Keep it actionable yet brief and straightforward. Add a hint to your special offer, and don’t forget the patriotic vibe!

“4th of July deals starting from $4”, “Celebrate freedom with free shipping”, ”4th of July sale this week only”, “Celebrate Independence Day with free shipping on all orders”.

4th of July SMS & Email marketing

💥 SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}! Celebrate 4th of July with a massive summer sale – up to {DiscountValue} off specific items! Use code {DiscountCode} at checkout: {DiscountCodeUrl}

💥 Email Template:

Get ready for firecracking deals!

Kevin, welcome to the land of the Buy One, Get One Free! Available for the entire July 4th collection — limited time only! 

Shop Now



Remind shoppers about your top-value deals

Date: July 1

There are only three days left until the big day, and now is the perfect time to send time-sensitive reminders to your customers.

Your main goal? Target procrastinators to maximize results before the expected sales slump in the summer

Show consumers they can count on you for their holiday shopping. Create a flawless customer experience by offering timely shipping updatessame-day delivery, or a last-minute pick-up option from a physical store to make sure shoppers will get their purchases on time. 

4th of July SMS & Email Marketing

💥 SMS Template:

{SiteName}: 4th of July is almost here! {FirstName}, did you hear about our Buy One Get One Free offer? Hurry up, while quantities last: {DiscountCodeUrl}

💥 Email Template:

4th of July sales – this week only!

Kim, cue the fireworks and get ready for a bangin' 4th. Enjoy discounts of up to 35% on all products — valid for a limited time only!

Shop Now



Maximize sales with a last-chance SMS campaign

Date: July 4 

It’s PARTY TIME! Check up on your subscribers with a final reminder – your Last-Chance Campaign.

Now is not the time to hold off on discounts – go BIG and let your sales fly like fireworks. Clear off the shelves for next season and make sure your shoppers won’t miss the party! Send them a text message with an appealing offer and a clear call-to-action, so they know that your offers will expire really soon. 

4th of July SMS & Email Marketing

💥 SMS Template 1:

Massive Discount Alert! {FirstName}, indulge in {DiscountValue} off all American-made favorites at {SiteName}. Offer ends today: {DiscountCodeUrl}

💥 SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, everything must go… TODAY! Last chance to enjoy huge discounts of up to {DiscountValue} on selected items. Use code {DiscountCode} at checkout: {DiscountCodeUrl}



If you need some more inspiration, check out our 11 firecracker SMS templates.

Please share your 4th of July wins in the comments & have a fabulous holiday!


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