SMS Templates 🎆 January inspiration and events 🎆

SMS Templates 🎆 January inspiration and events 🎆
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Build a next-level SMS marketing strategy with these top-performing campaign templates for the month of January. Simply copy, paste, and schedule your campaigns.


📲 Start 2023 with a blast during the National Use Your Gift Card Day on January 21st. 

National Use Your Gift Card Day is held on the third Saturday of every January to nudge shoppers to redeem the gift cards they received over the holiday season. It’s a great opportunity for brands to engage with their customers and send a friendly reminder that will drive traffic and sales to their online store.

  • {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, have you already redeemed your gift cards? Now is the perfect time to do it AND browse through our latest collection: {SiteUrl}
  • {SiteName}: {FirstName}, have you received any gift cards around the holidays? If yes, now would be a good time to use them and enjoy our sweet sitewide discounts of up to {DiscountValue}: {DiscountCodeUrl}

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