SMS Templates 🌸 May inspiration and events 🌸

SMS Templates 🌸 May inspiration and events 🌸
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Soon, social media will be flooded with cute images and mom-inspired posts. As one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity for brands of all niches and sizes to market deals and promotions and help shoppers choose the perfect gifts for their moms. Launch your special offers as early as possible and extend sales for a few more days to drive additional revenue to your store.

Be inspired for the upcoming heartwarming holiday: 


Schedule your SMS campaigns right away with our ready-to-use templates:

  • {SiteName}: Hello {FirstName}, are you surprising your mom this weekend? Here are 5 ideas she'll absolutely love: {SiteUrl}
  • {SiteName}: Show your mom that she’s one in a million, {FirstName}! Get her an awesome gift from our Mother’s Day Sale, now with a {DiscountValue} discount! Don’t let your mom miss out on this amazing treat: {DiscountCodeUrl}
  • Skip the flowers this year, {FirstName}, and delight your mom with a heartfelt gift from {SiteName}. Use code {DiscountCode} to get {DiscountValue} off your entire order: {DiscountCodeUrl}
  • {SiteName}: Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms and mother figures out there. To celebrate YOU, treat yourself and enjoy {DiscountValue} off your purchase. {FirstName}, grab the deal now before it ends: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Looking for more examples? 


Did you know that May is also Mental Health Awareness Month and its goal is to raise awareness of mental health issues. Use this opportunity to promote the importance of self-care, nudge customers to focus on their well-being throughout the month, or simply help them unwind after a hard day at work. Build your SMS marketing campaign with our top-performing templates for the month of May: 

Download our SMS Calendar ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Build a next-level SMS marketing strategy with these top-performing campaign templates for the month of May. Simply copy, paste, and schedule your campaigns.

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