Text-to-Buy Best Practices

Text-to-Buy Best Practices
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You may have seen our exciting new release, Text-to-Buy!

I wanted to share a few best practices and use cases that can really help you see great results from your first Text-to-Buy campaigns. 


With Text-to-Buy, your shoppers can now complete a purchase entirely over text by simply replying “BUY” (or the keyword of your choice) to a campaign. This expedited checkout experience may be unfamiliar to some of your customers, so it’s a great idea to segment your campaign to really focus on those customers who are highly engaged and loyal to your brand- and more likely to be keen to purchase with you over text. 



  • The most successful Text-to-Buy campaigns are those for products without many variants, like sizes or color options. However, if you want to promote a specific variant, like specifically your purple socks, you can select that during campaign set-up!

  • Add a great discount or offer to encourage customers to want to reply BUY! You can select a % or $ off discount during setup, and it will apply to all users who reply with the keyword- be sure to mention the discount in your text for the best impact! Check out this example. 


Here are a few of my favorite use cases that can be really powerful with Text-to-Buy

  • Back-in-stock: Encourage customers to grab their favorite back-in-stock products before they’re gone again, with the fastest possible checkout so that they never miss out.

  • New Products or Collections: Text your most engaged customers about new products to push higher conversion, offering fast checkout so they can be the first to get the latest and greatest.

  • Limited time loyalty points: Target your loyalty customers with double points campaigns if they buy a best-seller or re-buy a favorite product in the next 24 hours. Help them earn points faster with frictionless checkout- simply reply to buy!


What other campaigns would you send with Text-to-Buy? Drop your favorite ideas below!!



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