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Our newest integration is here!

By integrating Buy with Prime and Yotpo SMS & Email, merchants can now market to shoppers using Buy with Prime, deliver personalized experiences through targeted campaigns and checkout abandonment flows, and boost conversion rates.


Checkout abandonment recovery for shoppers using Buy with Prime


It’s 2023, and checkout abandonment is still one of the biggest challenges for eCommerce stores on a global scale, responsible for 70.19% of lost sales. And until recently, brands had no visibility about what happens to customers using Buy with Prime at checkout.

Through our new integration, brands can now reengage shoppers with high buyer intent who use Buy with Prime and bring them back to finish their purchase. Data shows that 64% of online shoppers are Amazon Prime users, and especially with the high influx of holiday shoppers around the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s crucial to find ways to convert these clicks into revenue.

Brands can recover these lost sales using automated follow-up texts and emails to reach a broader audience of shoppers who check out using Buy with Prime and remind them of the products they’ve left behind. This approach gives your customers flexibility in choosing their checkout journey and provides you with ways to market to them effectively.



Leverage Buy with Prime data for better segmentation


Personalization is the key to winning over today’s discerning shoppers. In fact, according to McKinsey76% of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing from brands that personalize, and 78% are more likely to make repeat purchases.

Our new integration with Buy with Prime allows brands to leverage a Buy with Prime customer segment that is automatically synced with Yotpo SMS & Email and use it in various SMS and email campaigns to scale personalized outreach and help boost conversions. You can even condition automated flows based on this data, ensuring that your messaging resonates with each customer on a personal level.

Approach Buy with Prime customer segments with timely and tailored offers to grab their attention and make them come back to your store. For example, engage customers who have bought using Buy with Prime about an upcoming product launch and remind them they can leverage their Prime shopping benefits for their next order, too.

The Buy with Prime integration grants customers greater flexibility in their checkout journey, enhances brands’ ability to reach them using Yotpo SMS & Email’s powerful capabilities, and unlocks new abandoned checkout journeys that drive incremental revenue.

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