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New year, new features! Did someone said TikTok videos inside an email? Yes please! Ready to explore? Let's go!


Level up your emails with TikTok!

You asked, and we listened! Take your email campaign to the next level by adding your TikTok content with the Video Block!




  • Level up a product release with a TikTok to showcase the benefits

  • Personalize Welcome emails with a TikTok that introduces your brand 

  • Educate customers post-purchase about product tips or tricks 


⭐️  Pro Tip: TikTok users are 1.5x more likely to immediately buy something they discovered on TikTok than any other platform, so be sure to add your videos to your email campaigns.



Preview Campaigns in SMS Analytics


Now you can get a closer look at any SMS or MMS campaign with Campaign Preview! View your detailed campaign metrics, as well as the message content (including MMS) for a complete picture of your campaign performance.





Test campaigns with 100% of your audience


You can now A/B test SMS Campaigns with your entire audience, so you can learn from the whole audience for future campaigns! Experiment, learn what works, and get your best text results yet.




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