• 2 August 2022
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I would love to hear from some Yotpo customers who have tried Click-to-Buy. What was your experience with it?

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Excellent question, @sammy😊

You can check our latest case study about ALT Fragrances and how they leveraged Yotpo SMSBump’s newest features, Click-to-buy & Text-to-buy:  

 And I’m sure that @Liv from Yotpo can share more examples. 

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Hey @sammy! Happy to tell you more about Click-to-Buy!

I think one of our fantastic examples is from Barefaced, who really focuses on offering a personalized, 1:1 conversational style with their skincare experts through SMS. Because of their really personalized approach, they wanted to use Click-to-Buy to send customers straight to checkout with curated cart links. With two text campaigns getting 99x ROI and 119x ROI, you can really see that the personalized approach paid off!