Subscriptions we love #3 💜 The Elderberry Co. - healthy families, happy moms and engaged subscribers 💜

  • 30 September 2022
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Subscriptions we love #3 💜 The Elderberry Co. - healthy families, happy moms and engaged subscribers 💜
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Elderberry is a plant that is most highly recognised as a natural health remedy, to support immune systems. All elderberry products are made from the dried berries of the Sambucus Nigra plant. 💜 And the Elderberry Co. elderberry syrup is in a league of its own because of the RAW LOCAL honey used to sweeten it. 

The Elderberry Co. journey started with a simple Facebook post in 2017 where founder and mom, Jenny, shared an incredible remedy with other moms looking to keep their families healthy. From that single Facebook post, Jenny grew the business to a nationwide brand!




💘 Why we love The Elderberry Co.’s subscription strategy 💘


When Jenny started The Elderberry Co., she wanted it to be, primarily, a subscription-based business - so far the team has managed to make subscriptions 40% of their daily revenue. With the move to Yotpo, she is looking forward to increasing that to 60% with Yotpo’s full suite of products and growth-centric tools.



The Elderberry Co. created their subscription service as a convenience for regular customers. And as additional Loyalty push, customers save 10% on all Subscribe and Save orders.



Migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions

Due to the perishable nature of the product, it was natural for the brand to turn towards subscriptions as a way to predict demand and mitigate overstock. The brand initially launched with Bold because it was one of the only solutions in the market at the time, eventually, as a result of rigid experiences, they left Bold for Recharge.

The brand quickly learned that Recharge was also not the right solution for them due to lackluster support resources, inefficient loyalty integrations, and limited capabilities gated behind a payment wall.

The process of migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions required no excel sheets, no exporting information to import it elsewhere, no extra effort from Jenny’s team, and most importantly no business interruption. Her Yotpo CSM communicated the entire process and Jenny was able to prep her own support team on the new, easy-to-use platform immediately.


In addition to the seamless migration, the brand is now able to explore deeper integrations with Yotpo Loyalty and SMS.


What do you think about this migration? Share with us in a comment below. ⬇️ 

4 replies

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We are excited to see how The Elderberry Co. Subscriptions journey is evolving! 💜


The Elderberry Co. customers are one of the first to make the most of our new feature and redeem Loyalty points for a discount on their Subscriptions! Check out how it looks on mobile:



@adean23, @mbolton, @kpavan, @RebeccaBruning, @mstump & @jwatson we would love to hear more about your Subscriptions and Loyalty experience. 😊


For all who might have missed it, Yotpo has made it easier than ever for customers to earn and redeem loyalty points on subscription orders! This new feature not only helps with improving retention and increasing lifetime value but also adds more value to loyalty members than ever before. By being able to reward the most loyal customers, brands increase the likelihood they’ll stay subscribed for longer.



Combining the subscription channel with the Yotpo loyalty program is a great way to drive subscription adoption and increase subscription visibility within a brand’s loyalty program.


We have more tips and insights on how you can reduce friction and drive Retention in 2023: 



All the best and jolly,




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such a cool update! so compelling to me as a shopper


Really nice update. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful update.

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Really nice update. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful update.

Thank you! 

Do you plan to use Subscriptions for your eComm business? 🤔