Multi-language options for all Yotpo features? (translation)


I'm looking to get a client set up with Yotpo on Shopify, but wanted to verify that all Yotpo modules can be translated as it's not clear to me from the articles in the help centre, which address this feature by feature.

Are there any current or upcoming modules that were presented at Retain Forward that *will not* be translatable? 🙏 

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Hi @duncan !

Our team specifically (so far) supports translation on Loyalty & Reviews products. Every module on these products will be supported by Yotpo.

However everything on the Yotpo Platform CAN be translated. On other products (SMS, Email, Subscriptions), you will be able to translate using other tech. 

If you need specific attention on a module, please let us know. We’re here to help!


Posting this update from DMs with the Yotpo team to share with the community:

We don't support showing both languages in the widgets. But our product team recommends the third-party integration with Weglot to solve for this: