[New Integration Alert!] Zapier x Yotpo is now live

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Say goodbye to data silos by leveraging Zapier as the ultimate bridge to connect subscribers, customer attributes, and events happening across your brand’s ecosystem.

Leveraging Yotpo and Zapier as your data bridge, you can collect and pass new subscribers, share zero- and first-party customer data to enhance customer profiles, and seamlessly execute communication when a customer takes action anywhere in your ecosystem.

How will the Yotpo x Zapier integration help your brand?

  • Boost Engagement: Streamline communication through Flows, responding to customer events, enhances customer engagement.
  • Increase Conversion Rate: Use external customer insights to personalize marketing efforts to drive higher conversion rates.
  • Deepen Personalization: Sync detailed subscriber information and events with Yotpo, allowing for more personalized customer interactions.

Check out the full details on the integration here: https://www.yotpo.com/product-releases/zapier-integration/ 

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